How to Pick a Great OPI London And Stop Chipping Nails Once And For All

OPI London

Choosing a good nail polish is a science. A relatively simple science that most of us love. This is a formula you can use to get the most out of your Polish purchases. Remember this if you are like most Polish drug addicts; You tend to change your polish as often as you change your clothes.

Writing articles about nail polish is hard work. Do not pull the tinted hard-tooth truck; but keep working hard. Think about what hasn’t been said about polishing, what you may not know about polishing your nails.

I thought writing this article would be as easy as choosing a nail polish colour. easy. Choose the desired colour, open the bottle and apply it, no! Sorry and I hate to say it, but I and maybe you’re not mistaken. I still hear users of nail polish asking about lacquered varnishes. Well, I don’t think manufacturers will respond to the clock when the consumer continues to buy paint, chipped or not. Yes, there is still hope. After speaking to some good nail stylists, I learned it was science.

OPI London, varnish is the same product with different names. I like to use the Polish term only because other words remind me of IKEA furniture. Stupid, I know, but the right thing for everyone. Like most things, the formula for successful polishing starts with preparation. Most, not all, but most women choose paint based on colour and price; Portability is the last thing that is generally considered. Surprisingly, what I learned should be the first thing I should consider when buying paint or else you can throw your money out the window. My philosophy is broken nails with amazing colours that are rarely priced and generally leave you too late if the nail polish comes off just before you fall out the door.

However, there are many brands or manufacturers of nails. Some well-known manufacturers are OPI London, Creative, Entity and Essie. It is a professional brand that is different from the typical grocery brands some of you use today. You can buy most of these brands in salons or spas at local beauty salons.

Before we talk about the formula for success, here is an overview of Poland you may not know: because there are two main things most of us ignore; Curing time compared to drying time. The dry season is the cause of most problems. You may have dry nails that don’t heal completely. Therefore, if you paint your nails before going to bed, you can wake up in the morning with a pool strip on the sheet. If you allow the correct drying time, you are free from most problems.

The first step of the formula is to clean the nail area (surface) to remove impurities (dirt). I recommend finding a good dehydrator to remove moisture from the nail surface and increase good adhesion.

Then apply the primer. It adheres to nail polish and increases good adhesion, which is a major cause of defoliation. Then apply the colour of the selected paint to the nail. Some varnishes are intended to cover a single coat. In my experience, finding the best powder is comparable to recognizing a white elephant. Good luck! It may exist, but I haven’t seen it. Therefore, regardless of the manufacturer, I would recommend OPI London at least two coats if the weather allows for more durable coverage and superstar quality.

I hope you will also find that if you do not currently have any additional products, you will need to purchase additional products. I cannot make this point overweight because you will be surprised at the difference that will occur. Buying paint is like buying a game that says, “Batteries are not included”. Yes, you do, but you still need to spend more money to make it work and make a profit.

The last step is to take a bottle of cuticle oil and apply it to the nail polish after drying. This significantly accelerates the drying and curing process, moisturizes all nails and skin around the nails and prevents the nails from sticking.


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