How to organize a wedding with the COVID-19 norms?


Apart from just the attire and bridal shopping, marriages have plenty more organizational norms, headaches, and responsibilities. Due to COVID-19, many things are kept at stake because of the financial instability and loss of time. Here are the few norms, followed by every event planner in Kolkata that have to be kept in mind before going organizing any wedding.

1. Minimize the number of guests

Minimizing the number of guests is the best thing to do while planning a wedding in the COVID-19 pandemic. It ensures safety and hygiene. So adapting to the norm that to invite a lesser number of guests is the wisest thing to do for the safety of everyone.

The conclusion we get from this is not to dream of a crowded wedding celebration. Your event planner in Kolkata, will help you manage all the difficulties within the spec of a second. So, just keep your guest list updated.

2. Specify the government norms

Your event planner in Kolkata will definitely specify the government norms and protocol when planning the wedding. So that you including your guests and invitees follow that and have a hassle-free enjoyable wedding.

For example, avoid hugs and handshakes with every guest and include namaste as it is essential to keep a physical distance to curb the pandemic. Carry on with your wedding by following all the government protocols.

3. Prioritize the needs

Just convey to your event planner in Kolkata,  about your vision, even if you got something to add up, you are always welcome to share. Wedding stage decoration based upon something which makes the desires of the couple suited through it.


  1. Book an open space

Select a banquet hall that has open space and utilizing well can smoothen the process. You can easily create zones like the entryway, food and drinks section, and wedding area. Your event planner in Kolkata, shall always suggest this to you.

This will help guests navigate seamlessly without taking up too much space. An open space will also add more glamour to your dream day. It will also help maintain the physical distance between the guests.

4. Assort the couples Attire with a mask

The bride and the groom is the highlight of any wedding. Every guest will be there to see them so it’s necessary for them to be safe in this situation. So it is important for the bride and groom to assort their attire with a matching mask.

You can always tell the event planner in Kolkata, to assign a designer who can make the mask more authentic by adding more designs and in that way, they will be safe and at the same time stay elegant and decked up.

 5. Invest in sanitization

One of the most important things about planning your wedding in COVID-19 is that it is mandatory for you to invest in sanitizers for everyone’s safety and also it is part of government protocol that you must follow.

Tour event planner in Kolkata, has to ensure that the function has enough sanitizers and hand washes at every point, starting from the entry to the exit gate of your wedding venue. Keeping the entire scenario neat and clean is of extreme importance, as without this the virus can spread up to heights. People have to stay normal and panic-free, with proper sanitization and safety.

The job of an event planner gets portrayed at every juncture of such events. Planning a wedding in COVID-19 means you get the responsibility for the safety of everyone present there. One of the most important things to do is restrict the inviting hours so there won’t be an over rush of the guests. Make sure your guests reach the venue at that particular time frame and no more are allowed after then.


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