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 Golf Bag

Generally, you won’t find lessons on how to organize a golf bag. Although a well-arranged bag won’t necessarily help you improve your game, it will allow you to find what you need effortlessly. Now, let’s organize that bag.

Types of Golf Bags

First, let’s determine which type of golf bag you have. There are three main types:

  • Stand bags
  • Cart bags
  • Tour bags

Let’s get to know them.

Stand Bags

Stand bags are lightweight to minimize the stress on your back as you walk. Usually, they are made of nylon or plastic instead of heavy materials such as leather. This type of bag holds a basic set of clubs, tees, balls, and essential accessories, so there’s a place for everything you might need. However, if you add too much, it will be too heavy to carry around. 


Typically, stand bags have backpack-like straps, and some have stands, so you can sit them upright and take the clubs you need.

Cart Bags

Cart bags, as their name implies, are essential for golfers who ride. They are heavier than stand bags but lighter than staff bags and are not designed for easy lifting. Their advantage is that they have more storage space and areas than stand bags. At the indoor golf club you won’t carry a cart bag, but you can still enjoy your game to the fullest.

Tour Bags

Tour bags are the largest and heaviest bags and can carry absolutely everything you could need. Most often, golfers who have caddies at their disposal have these bags.

Start Organizing Your Golf Bag

Whichever bag you own, an excellent starting point is to organize your bag in such a way that you know where everything is and that you can access it easily. Below are the steps.

 Golf Bag

Empty Your Bag

The first step to organizing your bag is emptying it, so you can see what you’re working with. Rank your golf clubs on the floor or wall from the tallest to the shortest. So, start with your driver and finish with your putter.

Get rid of everything you no longer use or is dirty. That includes sweaty towels, dead batteries, trash from your snacks, and anything else taking up space in your bag. 

Clean Your Bag and Clubs

Golf bags and clubs are better clean than dirty, so you might as well clean them all up now that your clubs are out, and your golf bag is empty. You don’t have to, but it wouldn’t hurt.

Begin with the Longest Clubs

Start with the longest clubs, so the driver and woods. Arrange them in the closest part to the straps of the golf bag. Always order your clubs from left to right, starting with the longest one. If you own a cart bag with separate holes for each club, place the driver in the upper left corner and continue adding your woods to the right.

Add Your Irons

Next, come the irons. Arrange the in the next row, following the same rules. So, the longer ones go to the left and the shorter ones to the right. If you own a cart bag, proceed with placing your clubs in descending order.

Short Clubs

Again, if you have a cart bag, continue arranging your clubs in descending order. If not, place your shorter clubs, including putter and wedges, in the front section of your golf bag. Some golf bags have a separate place for a putter, and that’s how you should use it. Otherwise, make sure it sits on the right side of the bag, as it is the shortest club.

Golf Balls, Tees, and Accessories

Most golf balls have tee and ball pockets in the front. All you need to do is place your tees and golf balls accordingly. That will ensure easy access while you play.

Also, usually, there are pockets on the sides of a golf bag. Use one for apparel (remember to fold it nicely) and the other for snacks or anything else you might need. Also, remember not to mix snacks with other items in the bag, for obvious reasons.

Think about which items you use the most, such as a rangefinder or a towel, and clip them on the exterior of your bag, or place them in a pocket you can access easily.

Final Thoughts

All in all, whichever golf bag you use should be organized well so that you can find what you need without too much hustle. After reading this article, you have some idea on how to do it properly.

Essentially, you should place the longest clubs closest to the straps of your golf bag and arrange them from left to right, followed by the mid-size, and finally the short clubs. Ensure you put the additional pockets to good use too, by placing balls, teas, and accessories you need in them.

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