How to make Wooden Cigarette Boxes.

Wooden Cigarette Boxes

Wooden products have a very distinct and unique vibe. They are genuinely unparalleled to any other kinds or types of products. Owning one of these boxes for keeping your cigarettes in, is definitely something worth having. And the best part is that these Cigarette Boxes. can be easily made at the ease of your home with just a little effort.


Required Materials:

The most primary and necessary material to make wooden cigarette boxes is wooden planks. These can be obtained easily from any hardware store. The size should be suitable enough so that it can carry a bunch of cigarettes at the same time. The next requirement is for something which holds the different pieces together. Ideally, a hot glue gun with silicone sticks would be required, but in case they are not available, simple liquid silicone would also do. A sharp cutting tool, preferably an ax, not the usual sized one, but a smaller one could help. If an electric tool that is sharp enough is available, the task could become much simpler.

Wooden Cigarette box


The Steps:

To begin with, measurements need to be taken. A regular cigarette is 70 mm long; thus, the length of the box should be long enough to hold the cigarette; thus, it should be longer than 70 mm, preferably 75 mm. These dimensions could vary if e-cigarette boxes are made. In such a scenario, the measurements should be based on the dimensions of the e-cigarette.


The width of a generic cigarette is 8mm, thus to store the deck of two rows, the box should be more than 16mm in diameter. The preferable dimensions in case of standardized and generic cigarettes should be 20 mm in width and 75 mm in length, so the cigarettes do fit in without any issue.


Once the wooden planks are cut into these lengths, they need to be stuck together. Silicone, either in liquid form or in the sticks form for use with a glue gun, is recommended since they are durable and tougher than the usual glue. They can hold the wooden pieces together for a more extended period and won’t break down even if the cigarette boxes fell down or are exposed to water. They need to be carefully and delicately joined so that there are no differences on either side whatsoever.

wooden ciggrate box

Once the sides are joined together, a lid which is removable needs to be made, this could either be a sliding one, or more fancy flipping ones. Making a sliding lid is easier. Relevant measurements need to be taken, and the lid needs to be slid into one of the sides. However, if flipping lids are being made, more tools and equipment are required, such as hinges to assist in the flipping process, and micro drills to make a place for these hinges.


Styling and Beautification:

The basic cigarette or e-cigarette boxes would be completed with the aforementioned steps, however, to further enhance the grace and elegance, and the extent of modifications can be done. This step is totally up to the creativity of the maker; however, some standardized additions could enhance the image of the box.


Polishing the rough wood could give it a shiny look and could enhance the overall presentation. However, if a funky style needs to be imposed, the box could be painted with bright and bold colors, which are very visible from a distance and give a distinct look to the package. 


Further enhancements include the usage of stickers and logos if available. A bold quotation on the box could speak about the personality of the owner. Similarly, animated stickers or logos of favorite brands could help the box look totally distinct and unique, thus giving a personalized look.


How are wooden boxes better?

Wooden packaging is better as compared to the standard cardboard box of a cigarette. It is a better alternative since it is environment-friendly; the wooden box can be used multiple times, unlike the regular packaging, which is disposed of after usage, thus contributing to the pollution.


Moreover, the cigarettes are better protected in a wooden box as compared to a cardboard box. They remain safe from getting wet or getting defaced due to the box being crumpled. The style of a wooden box is also distinctive, and when the box is made at home, it is highly customizable. Thus, the owner can mold and modify the packaging into any color, shape, and can apply any sort of adornment to the packaging.



This wooden packaging is better; however, it could be more expensive than regular cigarette boxes wholesale as better quality, valuable materials can be used. However, since their life and sustainability are better than the general packaging, their use should be preferred.




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