How to Make the Most Out of Your Desert Safari Trip?


Dubai, the city of gold, is known for its mammoth structures, a lavish lifestyle and various attractions it is home to. From man-made islands to exhilarating resorts, the emirate has everything for everyone. However, there’s one thing that deserves a special mention – it is Dubai desert safari.

Any trip to Dubai is incomplete without having the amazing experience of desert safari. As part of this trip, you will get to see nature in its rawest form. Dubai desert safari packages are available in different packages vis-à-vis timing and duration of the trip. Each package has its certain perks and offers an amazing experience. However, there are a few things you can do make this trip one of the memorable journeys of your life. Let’s have a look at them:

Overnight Stay

To have the best experience of Desert Safari, opt for an overnight stay. It lasts for approximately 16 hours and packs a wholesome experience for the guests.

As the name suggests, guests get to enjoy spending a night in the desert surrounded by sand dunes. It is one of the most exciting parts of the trip. Generally, desert safari organizers make complete arrangements to ensure guests sleep comfortably. They have well-maintained camps, sleeping bags, and blankets available for guests. This package includes numerous fun and exciting activities that allow guests to enjoy the desert safari in the truest sense. Veg and non-veg food items are served to guests. There’s also a live BBQ, which adds more excitement to the trip. After the dinner is served, you can enjoy a special performance of belly dancers.

One of the best parts of the overnight package is the sight of sunset and sunrise. The sights of deserts during these hours are truly magnificent and mesmerizing. Keep your cameras ready to capture these amazing sights as you wouldn’t get to experience views like these anytime soon.

Desert Safari Trip

Camel Ride

While in the desert make a point to take a ride on the ship of the desert i.e. camel. This one-of-its-kind experience is going to remain etched in your memories forever. Ride on the back of the camel and explore the desert lifestyle. You will be able to peek on to the lives of people who live in deserts.

Customized Package

Different desert safari trip organizers offer a range of packages. Usually, these desert safari deals contain a certain set of activities and things to do. The pickup time is fixed and so is the time you will be allowed to spend in the desert.

If you are making this trip with your family or a bunch of friends, you surely need to make the maximum out of it and opt for a customized package. Contact your tour operator and let them know your specifications and requirements. They will arrange everything according to your need. From pickup point to time, every aspect of this trip will be decided keeping in consideration your convenience and comfort. However, be mindful that a customized package may charge more than a regular one.


It is an Arab-style smoke that is available for guests during the desert safari. It can have different flavors including mint, strawberry, tobacco, chocolate etc. Once you have explored the beautiful surroundings in the desert, you can sit back and relax while enjoying shisha.

Take Part in All Activities

To enjoy every bit of desert safari, take part in all activities offered there. Right from sandboarding to quad biking and photography in Arab costume, a host of activities are arranged for guests. Women can also enjoy henna designing, which can serve as a memory of this extravagant experience.

All in all, Dubai desert safari offers an experience that every individual must have at least once in their lives. It gives a much-needed break from a monotonous lifestyle everyone has adopted. This is one such experience that you can also enjoy with your kids. They will love the camel ride and other fun activities offered at the site. Furthermore, sleeping in camps under the open sky is another experience you will cherish forever.

If you want your experience to be absolutely comfortable, rely on a reputed company that offers the best Dubai desert safari deals. Get quotes from different companies, compare their rates and services included and then select the best out of the lot. Don’t forget to read reviews and testimonials of their customers. You can find them on their social media profiles.


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