How to have a presence on Reddit.


Here we bring you to step by step what you should do to position your brand there.

create your account

The first thing is to register and create an account. As we said before, it is very important to think carefully about the username: you will not be able to change it later.

Make sure it has a brand keyword, but also the name of a real person. Remember that brands are not well received.

Before you start talking about products, become a member of the community. Make posts and comments: turn your brand user into an authentic participant.

Immerse yourself completely and learn how each element works. The vast majority of communities require that you participate 80%, leaving the remaining 20% ​​for the possibility of self-promotion.

Organize your content based on these characteristics to be able to publish without being considered spam or sent to the bottom of the page.

Build your Feed:-

Research which Subreddits may be relevant to your business. The best place to start is the home page you have when you open your account.

From there, take a look at the recommended or fastest-growing communities by clicking the bar on the right.

That will take you to a ranking of the communities with the highest growth in general and you will also see them divided by category. To find your niche, you can do a Google search with the terms “Reddit + keyword of your business.” This way you will be able to refine your research more and more to find the community that best suits your buyer persona.

Active Listen: Collect Insights:-

Go to Reddit every day and watch the discussions. Vote and comment in the communities where you can make significant contributions.

Dedicate yourself to knowing your audience: look at the type of content with which it interacts and specify when the most voted posts are uploaded.

Spend time researching what the trends are, what specific characteristics your audience has, and what topics are being discussed.

You can also use tools like Sprout Social to keep up with everything that happens on Reddit.

But above all, dedicate yourself to listening. Pay attention to what they say about your products and take notes to know what things you can improve.


Once you have identified the communities in which you can participate, start doing it.

Contribute, contribute, comment, and post; Get involved in conversations, answer questions, and share jokes.

Your account must be that of an active user in order to actually be included in the group.

Be original: Create Quality Content:-

When it comes to producing content, create quality material, and get involved in an authentic way. You will not have results if you reuse what you uploaded on another social network. Content for Reddit has to be specific and valuable to those users; not for everyone.

If your publication does not have the success that you hope, do not be discouraged; sometimes it happens. Aim for some positive feedback and comments. As you become more familiar with the format, what you share will be more and more successful.


how to delete reddit account


Be honest when posting. Fake accounts, hidden sponsors, or employers requiring upvotes are very easy for Reddit users to spot, and they don’t go down very well.

Recommendation and Support via Reddit:-

Reddit will also help you provide support and recommendations to your audience.

Many brands have Subreddits dedicated to solving problems and answering questions. This adds a direct communication channel with your clients that, being public, can be used by more people in the future.

What content format works on Reddit?

On Reddit, you can find almost any type of digital content. If you can link to it, you can get an audience for it there.

However, there are some formats that get higher engagement rates. We bring them to you below.

Remember: the original content will always get the best results.


GIFs are a huge hit on Reddit, whether it’s sports, movies, animals, or scenes with inside jokes from the same social network.

If your brand promotes something that has to do with actions or movement, this is a format that can serve you.


In general, linking platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo brings little engagement. They tend to take time to load and it is not the preferred material of all communities. This varies according to each Subreddit, but for your publication to be successful, it is best to take the best part of the video and turn it into a GIF and leave the original link in the comments.


Images are great allies on this platform. They can be viewed smoothly on any device and don’t require as much attention for initial contact.


A large percentage of Subreddits are made up of text-only posts.

It may sound unintuitive in an age where social media is dominated by image, but here the text works.

Users are looking for deep and quality content, and the best way to deliver it is through words. This is one of the preferred formats of people who use how to delete the Reddit account.


On the other hand, users strongly reject links to blog posts: they consider them spam.

If you are going to share in this way, you have to be very careful when selecting the community in which you are going to do it and th


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