How to get work visa for Australia


It has become, especially for young people, the new America. A goal to reach to change your life, where to find a more or less definitive job. Australia is fascinating for the opportunities it offers and for its ability to welcome, albeit with rather strict rules, anyone who wants to do something, without distinction. To work in Australia, however, a visa is required. It is not possible to knock on the doors of the land of kangaroos empty-handed, with the sole desire to get busy. There is no single type of visa: this changes depending on the age, the country of origin and the reason for entry (work, tourism, stay). So let’s see which visa is required to work in Australia, how to apply for it and who can obtain it.


Visa to work in Australia: how to get it?

To obtain a visa to work in Australia it is necessary to apply only and exclusively online and not by paper, as until a few years ago. There is a procedure to follow, called eVisa, created to make questions easier and faster.
The first step is to create your account on the Australian immigration website ( This is what is called IMMI Account. You must enter your personal data, an e-mail address and passport data. At this point, the site will provide the user with the Visa Finder, a tool to understand which visa is best suited to their needs.

Once the type of visa has been identified (for temporary or permanent work), it will be possible to start with the request by following the instructions on the site and pay the relative fee online by credit card or rechargeable card.

Working in Australia: what types of visas?

As mentioned, there is not only one type of visa to work in Australia: asking for one or another depends on the age and the time you want to stay. It should be noted that this matter is subject to frequent changes by the government.


Working in Australia: the Working Holiday Visa.

This work and holiday visa, also known as 417, is among the most required to work in Australia. It is recommended for those who want to have an experience in this country by financing themselves during their stay without affecting their savings too much.

These requirements are needed:

You should be between 18 and 31 years old;
Have a passport from certain countries, including Europe.

The Working Holiday Visa allows you to:

1) Work full-time or part-time throughout the year;
2) Work with the same employer for no more than 6 months (except in some cases, such as working in the regional area which allows you to stay up to 12 months in the same place);
3) Study in Australia for up to 17 weeks (just over 4 months);
4) Attend English courses.

The visa is renewable only if the person concerned has done at least 88 days of paid work in the primary sector during the first year in what are called regional areas.

Working in Australia: the Temporary Skills Shortage (Tss) visa

This visa has replaced the old 457 and allows you to work in Australia in the short, medium or long term thanks to a contract. It is the system known as sponsorship on two lists (updated every six months) which include the different Professions:

About 270 professions that allow you to obtain a sponsor for 2 years renewable for another 2 years without, however, leading to permanent residence, for which other visas are required;

List relating to the approximately 180 most requested professions. It is possible, through this list, to apply for a visa to work in Australia for 4 years and arrive at permanent residence after, however, having demonstrated that you have at least 3 years of experience in the sector.

To obtain a sponsor and, therefore, have this type of visa to work in Australia, you need these requirements:
an English language certification with an adequate score;
be 50 or older.


There are at least 4 other visas that can be useful for those who want to work in Australia:

The Spouse Visa. It is issued to anyone who proves to have lived for at least a year with an Australian or Australian boyfriend or girlfriend or to those who are married to an Australian person or resident in the country. The visa can be obtained within 1 month from the date of application. It will become definitive after living together for at least 2 years;
The Migration Skills Visa: issued to those who earn a certain score based on age, family history, work experience, level of English, etc;
The Family Reunion Visa: allows permanent family reunification of those who have relatives (parents or children) who live permanently in Australia, as long as the applicant is in good health;
the Business Owners Visa: issued to those who want to open a company or invest in a business in Australia as the main shareholder.


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