How To Get Rid of the Habit of Slouching?


Have you ever thought that stoop not only negates all our attractiveness but also undermines our health? The habit of hunching promotes curvature of the spine and the development of flat feet, disrupts the intestines and liver, causes displacement of the abdominal organs, resulting in an increase in the load on muscles and nerve fibers, and even helps to reduce immunity.

Everyone understands that you need to keep your back straight. But how can this be achieved if we straighten up a little and forget ourselves after a couple of minutes and begin to hunch again? The safe grip can be really valuable to help get you to get straighten up.

The reason for the stoop is our sedentary lifestyle. We need to find great health centers like Premier health center to get ourselves quality health services. We love to lie on the couch, spend a lot of time at the computer, hunched his back, and refuse physical activity. And the result appears very soon – a stooped back.

How to stop slouching?

1. If you are worried about the answer to the question of how to stop slouching, remind yourself of correct posture as often as possible, ask relatives and colleagues to make a remark to you every time you start to hunch again. It is difficult to have only the first time, as you know, habits are formed in 21 days.

2. Go in for sports: swimming, dancing, aerobics – all these types of fitness make us straighten our back.

3. Properly equip your sleeping place: it is better to choose a flat and hard mattress and a hard, but not a too high pillow.

4. Correctly distribute the weights: it is better to arrange purchases in two packages so that you do not have to carry everything in one hand.

5. Do not give in to stress: it is noticed that people who have emotional experiences are often slouching. Therefore, sometimes in order to straighten your shoulders, you just need to understand yourself and calm down, this may require the help of a specialist.

6. Do not wear high-heeled shoes too often: these shoes also contribute to poor posture.

7. Do not sit inseparably on a chair if you are working in an office. Try to get up and move a little whenever possible.

Exercises for developing proper posture

Strengthening the muscles of the back, shoulders, and neck will also help get rid of a hunched back. The main thing is to carry out this complex regularly, and not from case to case.

1. The most effective exercise is a gymnastic bridge. On the day about 10-20 minutes, align your posture, standing against the wall so that the shoulders, back of the head, and heels tightly touch it.

2. To strengthen the muscles of the neck, it is necessary, sitting on the floor, to bend the legs in the knees. Throwing your head back, pull your neck as much as possible, while the shoulder blades should be connected, and the shoulders – straightened back. The exercise must be repeated 6 times.

3. In order to develop the muscles of the shoulders, it is necessary to perform the following exercise: straight arms extended to the sides, take as much back as possible. The exercise must be repeated 10-12 times. Raise your shoulders alternately – 8 times. Hands clasped from the back into the lock, slowly lift up, tilting the case forward. Bend your hand up. Bend the other hand at the elbow, but having it from bottom to back behind the back. Clasp the fingers of both hands into the lock.

4. Try to develop your back muscles. Perform exercises while standing in a cat pose. Bend and bend your back one by one.

5. For a beautiful posture, it is useful to carry a load on your head. It can be a weighty and wide book. If you perform this exercise daily, gradually complicating it (not just walking with a book on your head, but, for example, crouching or dancing), then you can get rid of the stoop quite effectively.

6. Lying on your stomach, put your palms one on top of the other, the chin on top, and under the palms – a book up to 5 centimeters thick. Keep your elbows apart, relax. Be in this position for about 30 minutes a day. You can break this time into several times for 10 minutes. Exercise helps to correct the correct position of the head.

7. Lower your arms behind your back. Straining your hands, try to bring your elbows as close as possible. The shoulders and head should be pulled back, the chest should bend forward. Lock in this position for 1 second. Then release your hands and relax. Repeat the exercise every hour twice.

8. Accept the initial position of “feet shoulder-width apart, straight arms along the body.” Perform circular rotations with your straight arms forward and backward. Repeat 5-6 times in each direction.
In addition to this complex, it is very important to pump the press, performing exercises on the transverse and oblique muscles of the abdomen. The thing is that the press holds the chest and is an antagonist of the muscles – extensors of the back.

Having worked on your posture, you will become more attractive, more confident in yourself and will feel better!


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