How To Get Maximum Hair Density Through Hair Transplantation?


Decades ago with the primitive hair transplant techniques not much was possible and the procedure was not capable of providing the natural looking outcomes with maximum hair density. But now the hair transplant procedures have undergone so many advancements where it is possible to achieve the best outcomes with excellent natural looking results. 

Hair transplant is an outpatient surgical procedure intended to provide the pleasant coverage to the bald area or redesign the hairline in a more appealing way. The hair transplant procedure is performed by taking out the hair grafts from your own body precisely from the areas which possesses permanent hair roots. These hair roots are then successfully transplanted to the recipient bald area providing the maximum possible hair density with natural and undetectable results. 

Although hair transplant is an elective procedure but the procedure is not necessarily feasible for all. You need to visit for primary consult to confirm the candidature for undergoing hair transplant. 

The hair transplant procedure uses your own hairs so it is necessary for you to have ample number of hair follicles to provide pleasant coverage. If you do not have sufficient number of hair follicles then possibly you cannot undergo the procedure. 

It is fairly possible nowadays to achieve maximum possible hair density at the bald area but still there are terms and conditions. If the donor area is not sufficiently dense then you cannot achieve the high density hair transplant. But if the donor area has ample number of hair grafts then there are ways by which hair transplant with high density is possible. 

Hair transplant in India has come a long way in terms of advancements and there are few very renowned hair transplant clinics that are approached by people from all around the globe for hair transplant. These gem hair transplant clinics are headed by excellent hair transplant surgeons who are constantly updated with the advanced approached developed worldwide for the betterment of the hair transplant outcomes. 

Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur is one such hair transplant clinic in India which is hugely popular for its high success rate of hair transplants. We are one of the leading hair transplant clinics in India that has huge infrastructure with world class services and facilities. 

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Hair transplant cost in India is already very affordable but the quality of services varies at each clinic. Medispa hair transplant clinic is among the finest hair transplant clinic providing the best possible hair transplant at an affordable cost. 

Dr Suneet Soni is one of the best hair transplant surgeon across the country whose magnificent skills and gifted artistic vision favour him in providing the world class natural looking hair transplant with high density at the bald area. 

For high density hair transplant and natural looking hairline, apparently Dr Suneet Soni is the best for sure. 

Let’s figure what could be the possible strategies by which we can provide the maximum possible hair density coverage followed by hair transplant. These strategies are explained as follows: 

  1. Least damage to the hair grafts: If the hair transplant surgeon you have chosen is a perfectionist and expert then it is inevitable that there would be least damage to the hair grafts which ultimately lead to more survival of the hair grafts ensuring maximum possible hair density. The hair grafts should be handled very carefully by the team of the hair transplant surgeon because these delicate tiny hair follicles are very prone to damage. FUE hair transplant technique makes the hair grafts more prone to damage as the procedure is almost a blind one so it is necessary to be performed by an experienced surgeon to provide minimal hair damage. 
  2. Choosing the appropriate technique of hair transplant: FUT hair transplant technique is usually the preferred one if you are looking for a high density hair transplant. This technique provides the provision of harvesting approximately 3000 – 3500 hair grafts. Thus, choosing the right technique is also crucial to perform the hair transplant providing high density. 

Considering advanced hair transplant technique as an option: There are advanced techniques developed with the intention of providing the high density hair transplant if the situation allows. Combination technique of FUT and FUE, combination technique of FUT, FUE and BHT are considered the best techniques to provide more than 4000 hair grafts in single session. Despite harvesting a high number of hair grafts these techniques allows the multiple sittings in cases of progressive hair loss or advanced baldness.


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