How To Get A Haircut During COVID-19?

Haircut During COVID-19
4K Video Hairdressers cutting hair with electric razor, during COVID-19

With countries slowly opening up, a significant question by people has been whether it is safe to get a haircut during COVID-19, and if so, how? Some people have opted to do it themselves, while others have let their hair grow out. Some mobile hairstylists can come to your home and give you the haircut you need. For those who want to make the trip to the salon or barbershop, you need to keep reading.

In a salon or a barbershop, it isn’t easy to maintain social distance. However, there are some points to consider for your safety while getting a haircut during this time. If you choose to venture out to a public location to get a haircut, or beard trim, consider the following.

Ensure The Barbershop Is taking COVID-19 Safety Measures

The most important task is to ensure whether the salon meets the health protocols and ensures safety as much as possible. This is inclusive of using plexiglass, protective masks, face shields, and more such measures. The waiting areas should remain at half capacity, and booking your haircut online should be an option.

You can find this information on the barbers’ website, or you can contact them directly by phone to have your questions answered.

Take All Necessary Precautions

It would be best if you took all measures to be protected while visiting the salon. Wear your mask, face shield, and try to maintain social distance wherever possible. Keep hand sanitizer with you and use it after touching anything. After you get your haircut, you may want to go home and shower to get any possible transmission of the disease out of your hair and off of your body.

Have Your Conversation Regarding Your Haircut On The Phone

Minimize the number of conversations you need to have with your hairstylist. The best way to do it is by having a conversation regarding your needs and preferences beforehand on a phone call. If you are returning to your regular barber, then they probably already know how you like your hair styled. If you are venturing out to a new stylist, you can notify them in advance of your needs to prevent unnecessary interactions at the barbershop.

Ask For A Chair Near The Window

While making your appointment, ask the barber for a chair specifically next to a window. This is a way to ensure that you can minimize the chances of getting affected. Fresh airflow is essential, and keeping stagnant air circulating will help prevent you from catching COVID.

Avoid Touching Any Surface Or Using The Restroom

When you are in the barbershop, head right in, get your haircut and leave after making the payment. Do not spend more time in the salon than necessary and avoid the restrooms. Any high traffic area that receives a lot of touches that should be avoided at all costs. Again, as mentioned above, carry hand sanitizer with you everywhere.

Getting your haircut during the COVID-19 pandemic requires some extra steps that you should follow for safety reasons. You can follow these simple steps next time you get your haircut, but it’s not guaranteed that you can avoid getting the virus.


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