How to Generate the Pin for Bajaj EMI Card Online?


The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card allows borrowers to purchase consumer durables and convert purchases into convenient EMIs. With this card, individuals can avail of a loan limit of up to Rs.4 lakh and shop a wide array of products, including gadgets, kitchen appliances, furniture, groceries etc., both online and offline. Here, customers are required to activate the card for Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card pin generation and then carry out any transaction conveniently.

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card pin is primarily a numerical code that acts as a security code and significantly authorises transactions done through this card. 

How to generate Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card pin?

Customers can do this conveniently from the Bajaj Finserv customer portal- Experia. So, read along to learn about the pin generation process of this card.

Below is the illustrated process of Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card pin generation online:

Step 1- At first visit the official website of the Bajaj Finserv Experia portal

Step 2- Now, click on log in. Users can log in by selecting either “Password” or “Generate OTP” or “Sign In”

Step 3- After entering all the necessary details, one can log in to the Bajaj Customer Portal Experia and initiate the pin generation procedure at once

Besides, one can generate the EMI card PIN by downloading the Bajaj Finserv Experia app and successfully completing the process from anywhere and anytime.

Alternatively, users can generate Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card pin via SMS. 

Follow the steps below to know about the Bajaj Finserv Card pin generation process through SMS. 


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How to generate Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card pin via SMS?

Step 1- Type a text saying “PIN”

Step 2- Send the text to 9227564444

Note: One must send this text from his/her registered mobile number.

Now that individuals know the process of EMI card PIN generation process through Bajaj customer portal or app, they can maximise the benefits associated with the card. This convenient online portal helps in simplifying transactions and allows borrowers to access any information regarding financial products at any time.

Features and benefits of Bajaj customer portal- Experia

  • Access loan information

Suppose one has availed credit, such as a home loan, personal loan or any other financial product from Bajaj Finserv. In that case, he/she can conveniently access respective loan details through this customer portal. Select “Relations” and information regarding EMI payment and many more under the “Active Relations” option. 

The facility of viewing necessary loan information allows borrowers to determine errors or mismatches and keep track of outstanding payments. Further, individuals can also view and update their contact details through the Experia portal.

  • Download essential documents

The documents associated with the loan are often required to complete various official formalities. If customers are in need of these documents for specific purposes, they can conveniently avail them through the Experia portal. Individuals can download their respective loan account statement, NOC, interest certificate, and other necessary documents through this customer portal.

  • EMI payment

Individuals can track their EMI payments and pay on time through this customer portal to avoid penalty charges. Additionally, individuals can also initiate the process of loan foreclosure or part-prepayment of their existing loans on Experia.

Besides, individuals need to activate Bajaj Finserv EMI card online and generate the PIN to ensure uninterrupted EMI payment. Moreover, they can complete the activation process offline as well. The completion of this entire process will allow borrowers to purchase any product without any hassle. Since this EMI PIN and activation number is similar to the account’s password, one must not share it with anyone.

Therefore, by knowing about the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card pin generation process, one can generate the PIN straightway by following the procedure and ensuring secure transactions of any products.



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