How to Find Best Vegan Studios and Artists

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About Vegan Tattooing

Vegan tattoos are relatively new phenomenon. It started in early 21st century in the USA and has since been rising in popularity.

What’s different on a Vegan Tattoo
Vegan tattoos simply mean that nothing in the tattooing process made use of animal products. This includes ink, ointments, stencil paper and even the razors.

It’s important to notice that vegan ink will not be healthier for you. It means they are cruelty free.

How to find Vegan Studios and Artists

If you’re vegan and want to have a cruelty free tattoo, you need to make sure the artist in not using any time of animal derived ingredients in the products, such are Glycerol, which can be frequently found.

If you want to know where to find the nearest Vegan artist in your area, TattoosWizard has the biggest database of vegan tattoo artists and studio on the planet. Make sure to visit the Vegan page to filter by your location, find the closest artist and check out their works.


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