Explained in detail: What are the requirements and how to enroll for ACSTH program


Career in Coaching

We all are called upon to coach at some point in our lives. While some choose to make coaching their career, there are others who find it an integral part of their professional roles. In both these cases the individuals in questions would do well to get a formal coaching accreditation. Coaching Accreditations like ICF credentials add to the credibility and recognition of any professional.

ICF certification

You can become a coach and help people around you realize their potential by becoming an ICF-certified coach. ICF or International Coach Federation is an accrediting organization recognized globally. Being accredited by ICF gives you instant recognition in the field of coaching.

ICF accreditation can be attained through many ICF-approved coach training certificate courses. ACSTH is one of the pathways for gaining an ICF accreditation.

What is the ACSTH Pathway?

ACSTH or Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours is one of the ICF-approved pathways to become a certified professional coach. Individuals can apply for ACC and subsequently for PCC credentials on completion of the ACSTH program.

This program is imparted by ICF-accredited institutes to the coaches or organizational managers, students, entrepreneurs and anyone else who wishes to train or help people through formal coaching sessions. Student evaluation on completion is done by ICF-accessors and not by institute mentors in ACSTH unlike the ACTP pathway. This makes ACSTH one of the best coach training programs.

Who is ACSTH for?

The ACSTH pathway is for anyone who wishes to attain either the ACC or both the ACC and the PCC Accreditations. Unlike the ACTP, the ACSTH provides a bit of flexibility and hence is referred by some as an A-la-Carte Pathway to gaining accreditation.

The ACSTH pathway applies equally to new students who wish to gain accreditation as coaches or for practicing Coaches who want to polish their coaching skills. ACSTH is also an ideal pick for managers and entrepreneurs who wish to work on their coaching skills to enhance their career prospects.

Most importantly, ACSTH is for all the people who wish to attain an ICF accreditation.

Why should you consider joining the ACSTH program?

ACSTH is one of the pathways of ICF accreditation and many people have questions on choosing between ACTP and ACSTH.

With ACSTH, students have the flexibility to register for different credentials like ACC (Associate Certified Coach) or PCC (Professional Certified Coach) depending upon their training and coaching hours and if they meet all the criteria required for ICF credentials. This makes it a cost-effective pathway that allows coaches to take on only as their time commitments allow.

What are the requirements of acquiring ICF credentials through the ACSTH program?

ACSTH programs follow the ICF Core Competencies guidelines. To be eligible for ICF’s ACC or PCC certification, students must complete the criteria of the ACSTH pathway. They should have a minimum of 60 hours of coach-specific training for ACC credentials and 65 hours of coach-specific training for PCC credentials. The course has both synchronized and asynchronized training hours.

  • Synchronized training hours: The mentor-trained hours fall under synchronized training hours. Under these training hours, students interact directly with the faculty. They are observed by mentors in client practice sessions. They have one-on-one discussions with mentors and are also provided feedback by the coaches. The ACSTH pathway requires a minimum of 10 hours of synchronized mentored coaching for over three months.
  • Asynchronized training hours: Hours utilized in self-study are known as asynchronized training hours. In these training hours, there is no direct interaction between the mentors and the trainees. The trainees spend their training hours in self-study, completing assignments, reading, researching, and journaling. Prospective Coaches can use this time for practice coaching sessions as well.
  • A minimum of 100 hours of coaching experience is required for applying to ICF for ACC certification and 500 hours of coaching experience for PCC certification through the ACSTH pathway.
  • For applying for credentials through ICF, the ACSTH course providers are required to keep a track of all the training hours of their students. Proper documentation needs to be submitted to the ICF for the accreditation to be approved. ICF also requires the students’ recorded coaching sessions, audio recordings, and written assignments for performance evaluation.

How can you enroll in ACSTH?

There are several institutes offering The ACSTH pathway for coach certification. It is important to pick an institute with experience in guiding people on this pathway. The credentials of the Faculty and their coaching achievements are also important.

Once you have decided on an institute, the path should be fairly simple.  Depending on your requirement you can choose to pursue the ACSTH pathway to apply for  ACC /PCC certification once you have completed the requirements detailed by ICF.


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