How To Detect Adulterated Tea Mixes?


In today’s world, there’s adulteration in everything. Sadly, it is also present in the food we consume, and this includes tea. There have been several cases of tea mixes being filled with iron fillings and colorants. Note that such artificial flavours and fillings are added to double the quantity of tea.

These colorants ensure that you get the colour. The little amount of genuine tea mix gives the tea its flavour. However, such mixes are toxic and can cause health issues. In such a situation, you need to ensure that you are getting organic chai tea in Australia.

So, we are here to tell you what you can do to consume genuine tea mixes.

How To Make Sure That You Are Buying Genuine Tea Mixes?

  • Buy From Trusted Suppliers

Know that this is the quickest way to get unadulterated tea leaves or mixes. However, there is always the question of- who can you trust? Know that those tea wholesale suppliers in Australia who have been in the business for a decade can be trusted.

Of course, you should trust these suppliers only if there have been no health issues or adulteration cases raised against them. Another way to find trusted suppliers is to check out ratings and reviews of various tea wholesale suppliers in Australia.

  • Use A Magnet

Of course, this will raise some eyebrows, but this is the quickest way to find out if your tea has been mixed with iron fillings. You will have to take a small amount of your tea mix and then spread it on a plate. Then move the magnet over the leaves.

Note that if the mix is clean, then there won’t be anything on your magnet. However, if the mix is degraded, then the iron filings in it will get stuck.

  • Use Water

Know that this is an easy method to detect the use of colorants. Just take a glass of water at room temperature and then add tea leaves to it. If the leaves are of organic chai tea in Australia, then there won’t be any colour change. But if colorants are added, then the water will change its colour, most probably to red.


Note that most tea mixes aren’t degraded because strict food laws are governing the country. However, if you do suspect foul play, then you can use these tricks to find out. As a result, you will be able to consume your tea with peace of mind.


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