How to deal with parents who accumulate our house with garbage?


How to deal with parents who accumulate our house with garbage?

If your parents are the kind of people that even if they do not need material goods, they start to gather and with that your house becomes increasingly full of garbage and has no space inside the house, and if you live in a condominium and the situation is more complicated still.

This storage problem is more common than it seems. And in the middle of these material goods, they can place small objects as well. There are cases where parents send boxes full of garbage to their children who live in another house without any need.


As much as there are explanations about what is happening, several conversations are still not understood, and can even be taken as if the situation was not serious.

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Most of us have a busy life, we have children, and there are cases that we spend the whole day out and what we want most when we get home is to get home and find a place to rest.

So what can you do in these cases to solve this kind of problem if they stop stocking or sending you trash boxes?

The first step is precisely to want to stop this attitude in a polite way, because to be arguing or trying crudely that this is wrong, can make things even worse.

Something that a lot of people don’t know but it is entirely within the law, is the United States Postal Service, you are not obliged to accept deliveries. In case you live in another house  and are sending the boxes by registered or certified mail, there may be a cost to return to the local post office.

If you want to pay or don’t, just write “REFUSED” in any part of the box that is clearly visible and is not disturbing the reading of the return address. After doing this, just put your door on and that box will be taken back to whoever sent you.

You may feel a little guilty about it, but in fact you were totally polite. With this attitude you have demonstrated that you are not comfortable with this situation and that their “gift” is something unwanted and is just getting rid of it.

They may be hurt and angry, but that does not mean that your attitude was rude, you just did not please an expectation that they had in you.

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They need to find a way to not generate this problem of accumulating waste anymore, or at least have a means of eliminating all the objects that they have been accumulating.

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