How to deal with bullies as an autistic kid?


signs of autism in 3 year old lonely

Bullying, especially in young people, has become so common and for reasons left unknown.

A bully is someone who shows aggressive behavior towards another person in three different ways:

Hostile intent

Imbalance of power

Repetition over a period of time

When the activity becomes repeated and aggressive to hurt someone physically, mentally or emotionally, a bully is born in this already-cruel world. Kids of small ages do not know how to behave with each other. They are still learning new things, learning how to make new friends, learning new subjects, etc.

But somehow some kids pick up on bad things a little too easily than the rest. It probably isn’t the outcome of bad parenting, however, age and innocence can’t be an excuse to hurt somebody, ever.

As for the austistic kids, the world is really a good place and you will make some genuine friends, meet lovely people, and have amazing memories in life. So here are some ways in which you can protect yourself from the bullies at school or outside or at home.

  1. Understanding the differences between friends and bullies

It may not be as easy as it sounds like to differentiate between a friend and a bully. A friend might be honest with you or at times, even harsh with you instead of being fake. Bullying could happen subtly as well. If it gets too overwhelming to understand the difference, run it through someone you trust the most. It could be your parent, guardian, sibling or anybody you can rely on.

  1. Role Playing

Role playing is when you act out probable situations of bullying and find a solution to those instances. Suppose you are walking at the corridor and end up in a situation you don’t know how to react to. The role playing will help you know and be aware of what needs to be done when you end up in such a situation. For example, find a teacher or walk away from the person. The aba therapy google scholar will try and suggest a lot about autism or of autism treatment nih in depth. You can always refer to the internet if you need help.

  1. Receiving a peer mentor

Having an ally will help you tremendously.

  1. Focusing on positives

Not just during your bad times but also your good times, always focus on the good points. Life has and will never be easy for us if we ourselves make it so difficult to live in. Focus on what you have, look around and find the people who stood by your side at all times. The negatives will only pull you even more down. Focus on the positives instead.

  1. Documenting

It may help you during times when you need to vocalise yourself. Make a note of the person who bullied you or caused you harm. Mention the details such as date, location, time and the event. That way, if anybody asks you in the coming days, you always have an answer. You can also checkout the Top 10 Actors In India.



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