How To Deal With Anxiety & Stress While You’re At Home


If you have been working from home for quite a lot of time, anxiety and stress seem to kick in, organically. In order to battle with stress, anxiety and depression, there are a few things that you can incorporate in your daily life and get rid of it. A relaxing ‘me’ time with a proper routine is a must for you to be happy, calm and peaceful. Talk to your friends and family members online – do a video conferencing and connect with all your old friends.

Listed below are some of the essential points you need to follow in order to combat stress and anxiety at home : 

  • Practice Yoga 

Start your day and practice light yoga with meditation to relax your mind, body and soul. Take in some fresh air and take long breaths in and out for proper brain functioning. Yoga is a great way to help you calm down and bring peace to your mind. Wake up at 5AM and keep yourself enough time to practice meditation.

  • Eat Ashwagandha¬†

You can also try out various herbal remedies and supplements like ashwagandha tablets that reduce stress and anxiety. It also plays a key role in boosting fertility and even boosts brain functions. Ashwagandha capsule is an easy to consume supplement. However, do consult a doctor for the right dosage.

  • Have A Healthy Diet

Your diet plays a key role in a lot of your health issues. If you are consuming unhealthy food items and packaged food from outside, your body will be loaded up with unhealthy fats. Eat healthy foods like green vegetables, eggs, chicken, nuts, seeds, yoghurt etc.

  • Snack Healthily

Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you can snack on everything in the kitchen. Stop peeping inside the refrigerator every now and then, snacks on all things healthy. You can keep a box full of nuts and seeds with jaggery and eat it when you are hungry. You can even keep a protein bar handy whenever hunger kicks in.

  • Engage Yourself¬†

Whenever you are feeling low and stressed out, engage yourself in some activity like gardening, baking, dancing, singing or whatever you love doing in your spare time. Call up your loved ones and share your feelings and stay relaxed. However, do keep in mind that you should limit your screen time and let your eyes and mind relax.

  • Keep Moving

Don’t restrict yourself to a single room. Keep moving inside the house and change your body postures while working. Else you will start having joint pain and health issues. Sit in your garden or balcony for a little while and take a break from your rigorous work from home routine.

This article will help you deal with your stress and anxiety issues with not much effort. Stay happy, stay connected and think positive to stay fit and healthy at home. Eat well, sleep well and practise all the points listed in the article for a healthy brain functioning. 


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