How to Create A Magazine Online for Free?

online magazine creator
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Printing and distributing magazines cost a lot of money in the old days. Now, any online user can create a beautiful virtual edition for free and make it available to millions of computers and mobile devices from around the world.

If you want to test yourself in creating an online magazine for yourself, then FlipHTML5, an online magazine creator will help you. This is a powerful editor of virtual magazines and at the same time a platform for their promotion and monetization. You can use FlipHTML5 without programming skills.

How to create a magazine in FlipHTML5?

After registering on the FlipHTML5 website, you will be taken to the “My Publications” section. This is the menu for managing your future magazines.

To add a new publication to it, click “Create publication”. After that, you can start from a blank page, choose a suitable template from the FlipHTML5 catalogue, or upload your PDF file as a source.

Having made your choice, click “Create publication” again and in the next menu click on the icon with a pencil and paper, and then – “Edit”. The system will launch a visual editor. The service uses Flash technology, so turn it on when FlipHTML5 asks for it.

The editor of this online magazine creator offers a lot of tools that will help realize your full creative potential. For example, you can add and format text, insert various shapes, images and videos. The system allows you to fine-tune the location of elements on virtual pages. All changes are displayed in real time.

To make it easier for users to understand the rich features of the editor, the FlipHTML5 website has a detailed knowledge base of their core audience for better user experience.

How to publish a magazine?

After completing work on your masterpiece, click “Save”, and then – “Run.” Next, follow the system prompts to configure publishing options. In the process, you have to indicate who will be able to view the magazine through a direct link, as well as select a category and description for distribution through FlipHTML5 channels: a web kiosk and mobile applications of the service.

You can read in detail about promotion settings, frequency and sale of magazines in special help sections on the FlipHTfML5 website.

What can I get for free?

The free tariff plan is designed for one user and includes 50 GB of storage space for magazines with limited promotion and monetization options. For example, you cannot use the SEO capabilities of the service, and only a limited number of people can subscribe to the magazine’s email newsletter. In addition, you will not be allowed to make money on readers.

Paid tariffs start at $ 15 per month. They are suitable for both single and team work of several users on shared journals. The higher the monthly payment, the more people can join the team. And the more they will receive tools for promoting and selling content.

Final Words

All in all, it’s a wise choice to go for creating an online magazine creator like FlipHTML5. As, it gives a sense of freedom and choice to play around for creating the perfect magazine.




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