How to configure XPadder on PC


Introduction:There are various versions of a single game, which are compatible, either only with smart phones, with PC or with the Play stations.  But if you want to play game of one version on the other platform then the downloading and installation becomes quite trickier and playing in turns becomes difficult. To deal with these issues the software developers has designed various simulators which converts the keyboard into a gaming console and makes possible the playing of video games of PSP on system and vice versa. One of the famous developer named Jonathan developed a beautiful software which is helpful in playing the games using different gaming platform and tools. This game emulator is known as Xpadder.

About the software:Xpadder is a great emulator for the games. it helps the gamepads of your favorite games to control the games on PC games. This software gives an improved exposure to game playing. Some people don’t find it convenient enough to be used. But some says that it is a real boon to the gaming industry.It is actually a tool to help the most modern open joy sticks and game pads to command your games on PC with the personalized keys and this will help to customize the controls in any way the user wants.

The software supports all the windows versions either it be 7/8/10. The keyboard and mouse both the controls can be customized with the help of Xpadder. So if the user is playing his favourite game and the joy stick stops working then the user can use the keyboard and mouse to control all the gaming keys of joy stick. The xpadder commands the system to understand the combinations of keys and mouse clicks for the control of gaming. Both the 32 bit and 64 bit windows 10 support the new version of this software. The xpadder provides more amazing gaming experiences to the PC gaming. Xpadder is supposed to be the game emulator at its best which  provides  freedom to the user allowing it to make use  of its gamepad.

Features of the Software:

  • Xpadder possesses an advanced interface
  •  Multiple profiles can be managed with the help of this
  • It is made for joysticks, Gamepads other controllers of Arcade
  • the media player is also supported
  • The browser games are also assessible
  • All the 32 and 64 bit versions of windows either it be 7, XP,8 OR 10
  • rumble and vibrate effects can also be cracked

Configure XPADDER:

Enter the official website of Xpadder and in the download section, find the download option. Click on download and the download will start instantly.Extract Xpadder by simply unzipping the file and store the program wherever you want. It will be a single file of small size. You can make a sperate folder for saving it so that in future you can simply access your files.

Now set up your Gamepad. Run the Xpadder by a double click. Now to configure your gamepad click on “New” and enter to the Controller editor. You can also add a profile picture by visiting the image tab. Click on “Image” to open the image tab and then choose the image of your choice. Also, there is an image section in Xpadder’s official site from where you can choose images for your profile. Now enter the next tab for configuration of thumbsticks. Adding the buttons is very simple. You can do so by just pressing the buttons on the gamepads and then make them appear in the layout. That is why it is very helpful to reproduce the layout of the pad. It helps in reminding also that what corresponds to each button of the pad, just by pressing the button on the pad. You can simply drag and drop each button in the layout. There is the last tab for analog trigger buttons. If in case the pad supports analog trigger buttons you can set up using the last tab.  This simple process can be repeated for other pads also. You just need to save the separate controller profiles.

Now, set up your profile. With the help of the layout assign the keys to the buttons of the pad. You can do so by clicking on the buttons on the profile. Then there will be an on-screen keyboard pop up you can press the desired keys on the keyboard. There is an option for removing the assignments also, by clicking on the large “None” button on the on-screen keyboard. Similarly, there are options for assigning mouse movements to your gamepad. Now save the assignments done for future use.


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