How To Clean Your Glasses With Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth

How To Clean Your Glasses With Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth

Cleaning your glasses will make their life longer by preventing lens damage and lens scratches. But you do need to do it in the right way. You would not want your precious and favorite eyeglass wear breaks apart 

Steps for cleaning your glasses :-

These tips will help to clean your eyeglasses without risking any damage, you can clean your sunglasses, safety glasses, and sports eyewear in the same way. For a quick clean, microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloths are the best. 

  1. Wash your own hands. If you don’t wash your hands, the dirt, grime, or lotion can be transferred on the glasses. For cleaning, you should use lotion-free soap or dishwashing liquid, a clean lint-free towel to dry your hands. 
  2. Rinse your glasses with lukewarm tap water. There will be dust and debris which will smear all over the lenses if you don’t clean them. Hot water will damage the eyeglass lens coating. 
  3. Apply lotion-free dishwashing liquid to each lens. As dishwashing liquids are very concentrated, only take a drop of the dishwashing liquid or apply a little of it on your fingertip instead. 
  4. Gently rub both the lenses and the frame for a few seconds. Reach every part, the part that rests on your ears and the nose bud too. There is accumulated dust between the lens and the frame, therefore, make sure you reach the area. 
  5. Rinse lenses and the frame. Do it thoroughly or else there will be inevitable smears when you dry them with eyeglass cleaning cloth. 
  6. Shake the glasses to remove any leftover water from them, look for any dirt left. 
  7. Dry the lenses with a microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth. Any other kind of cloth can be too rough on the glasses, can scratch it, or affect it adversely. 
  8. Do a recheck. If there are still any stains or smudges left, remove them with a microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth. If there’s no water available, you can always use dampened eyeglass cleaning cloths or moist wipes. 


How not to clean your glasses :-

  1. Never use the shirttail to clean glasses, doing this will scratch your glasses. 
  2. To wet the lenses, never use saliva. 
  3. Using paper towels, toilet paper, or napkins will smear or scratch your lenses, or even leave them full of lint. 
  4. Don’t repair the scratch in your lenses, you may make the situation worse. 
  5. The anti-reflective coating may get damaged if you use household cleaning products or liquids. 

For anti-reflective coating, make sure that the cleaner you are using is apt for use on anti-reflective lenses. If you’re using individually packed, pre-moistened disposable lens cleaning wipes, shake or blow off the debris on your lenses. Microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth is suitable for glasses with anti-reflective coating. They dry the lenses and trap the oils to avoid smearing. You even wash your cleaning cloth effectively. 

Please note that you can not repair your scratched glasses. If there are any significant scratches on your glasses, you’d have to buy new ones. If every pair of your glasses gets scratched eventually, it will be best if you buy the new ones with durable scratch-resistant coating. 

Going to an optician :-

Your lenses may be perfectly fine but if the nose pad is yellowed and needs instant attention, or if the frame is loosened, you should go to the optician for cleaning and repairing. Eyeglasses can be cleaned thoroughly through ultrasonic cleaning and yellowing nose pads can be replaced with new ones. You should see your optician before attempting these fixes at home. 

Keeping a protective storage case :-

This is a requisite but we still do this, we have a tendency to keep our eyewear without any protective case or glasses and keep them lying face down somewhere around the home. Make sure you use a padded clean protective case if you want your glasses to last long. 

Eyewear glasses are marketed as scratch resistant, not scratch proof, so always keep that in mind.  Always keep your glasses clean and up to mark with eyeglass cleaning cloth, you can buy them at primelineretail in various designs and colors. Visit Prime-Line Retail for glass cleaning clothes that match the color of your glasses. 


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