How to Clean a Siphon Pot and what Should you Keep in Mind?


The frequency and correct way to clean the siphon can determine hygiene and avoid the nuisance of bad smells in your home.

Therefore, it is important to give it adequate maintenance from time to time, to avoid its malfunction or possible obstructions.

Important Considerations Before Cleaning the Siphon Canister

Before proceeding to clean the siphon can, it is necessary to analyze and identify certain aspects, such as:

  • Use the appropriate materials: before starting the cleaning and maintenance process of the siphon can have materials such as a screwdriver, a towel to dry, gloves, among others, at your fingertips.
  • Locate the siphon pot: which as a general rule are located inside the room. For example, if the problem is in the bathroom, you should look for the metal lid of the siphon bottle on the floor, which will have one or two screws.
  • Check the condition: before applying any chemical substance or proceeding with any practice, let the water run in the pipes to confirm whether or not there are an obstruction and its magnitude.
    If, when performing this procedure, you verify that there is an obstruction inside the siphon can, you should apply some remedies to unclog pipes or go-to experts in the area.

Steps to clean the siphon canister

If you want to clean the bathroom siphon yourself, you can follow these simple and effective steps:

Step # 1: Open the siphon pot

When you have located the upper lid of the siphon bottle you must proceed to open it, to do this, use the star or flat screwdriver until you can remove it.

Step # 2: locate the inputs and outputs

Once you can open the siphon bottle, put on some gloves, and look closely at the connections inside the object.

Generally, it should have three inlet connections from the attached drains, and one outlet that you can quickly identify since it is angled so that the water gradually descends.

However, if its observation is difficult, help yourself with a flashlight and pour a little water into the siphon bottle, so that you can see where the water is going by gravity.

Step # 3: Clean the interior

Although the focal point of cleaning the siphon can is centered on its outlet connection and the central object part, it is important to check the water outlet from the other connections.

On the other hand, to clean the object you can manually remove the residual elements, or you can help yourself with substances such as sodium hydroxide. Then, put a finger or two in each of the connections, to avoid any debris.

Step # 4: test the operation

At the end of cleaning the remains of dirt, proceed to place the lid and close the siphon bottle very well, to avoid odor or water leaks.

To finish, you just have to check the operation of the siphon boat. To do this, open the water tap or the shower and observe if the water drops normally and additionally the existence of odors.

Also, remember to repeat this procedure periodically to eliminate odors and avoid problems associated with clogging.

What to do if the siphon canister is stuck?

A common problem of the siphon can is that it becomes clogged by the accumulation of elements such as hair or food remains, which are deposited there over time.

For this reason, if when checking the status of your siphon bottle you find this condition, you can choose to use a flexible plunger and insert it into its different connections or apply solutions to disintegrate the dirt.

But, if these two options fail, it is best to consult gas engineer bristol experts, so that they will indicate the best solution and verify the complete condition of the pipes associated with your siphon canister.

Tips to Avoid Siphon Canister Clogging

If you are looking to preserve the state of the siphon pot, the first thing to do is identify the drains associated with this object, which will generally be the shower, the washbasin tap, the bidet, and the sink.

Once this is done, you must apply certain precautions or preventive measures, such as:

  • Use grates in the shower and the sink to avoid the passage of hair and other elements
  • Avoid discarding water with residues such as food, cloth, paper, cardboard or even sand
  • Implement cleaning with professional products in the drains associated with the siphon can, such as caustic soda or bicarbonate.

Importance of cleaning the siphon can

Regardless of where this element is installed, it is important to clean the siphon can avoid the following problems:

  • Appearance and persistence of unpleasant odors
  • Accumulation of dirt
  • Possible obstructions
  • Avoid an overflow situation
  • Appearance or entry of pests through the pipe, such as cockroaches or mice.

In addition, regular cleaning allows you to check the general condition of the pipes, reducing the possibility of further damage.


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