How to Choose Your Wedding Venues Near Stratford Upon Avon?


Getting married is one of the most beautiful moments in anyone’s life and choosing a wedding venue is one of the most exciting yet challenging parts of the entire procedure. Everything comes down to the wedding venue because if that isn’t the right one, then nothing else matters. The wedding venue not only happens to take up a lot of your entire wedding budget but sets the mood on the big day. Before you head down to other parts of the big day, you need to select a venue from the list of wedding venues near Stratford upon Avon. In this blog, we will be providing you with a 101 guide as to how you might want to go on with selecting the best hotel in Stratford upon Avon for your upcoming big day.


Even though traditions suggest that the big day is supposed to take place in the bride’s hometown, traditions are changing and everything is becoming more flexible. Marriage is no exception to the rule as these traditions are out of the door for a couple of years now. Consider Stratford upon Avon if you do not have any restrictions when it comes to selecting the location of the wedding. One of the main reasons being it is closer to nature despite being in the United Kingdom yet offers you everything that you might need on your big day.

Ask yourself a few questions before deciding on whether you want an outdoor or an indoor wedding. How many people are going to attend your wedding? Is there any ritual during your wedding which requires you to go out in the open? Are both of you having a flexible work schedule to get married in a hotel in Stratford upon Avon? If any of these questions have an affirmation answer then Stratford upon Avon is the place for you to get married to your partner.

Different wedding venue types

Depending on your wedding traditions and rituals, you need to shortlist wedding venues. Ballrooms, outdoor wedding venues, terraces, gardens, and even backyards are some of the most common wedding venues near Stratford upon Avon for you to choose from. The wedding venue type is directly dependent on your reception space and the latter is dependent on your headcount. You can opt for any type of wedding venue in case you happen to have an intimate wedding planned for yourself while more headcounts would require a bigger reception space.  You can opt for big ballrooms in a hotel in Stratford upon Avon if you happen to have a huge invite list for your big day.

Which season are you getting married in?

Winter calls for indoor weddings because cold in the United Kingdom is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is one of the main reasons why people mostly opt for indoor wedding venues near Stratford upon Avon when they are getting married in the winter season.

Although if you decide to get married in the summers or even spring, you can opt for a hotel in Stratford upon Avon which offers outdoor hosting services.  You can not only get married in the open but also host the reception under the sky and let your guests enjoy the fresh air and greenery.

For autumn although people have options to both hosts their wedding indoor or outdoor depending on the existing weather. The majority of people often enjoy the outdoor wedding venue in the autumn season as the fall of leaves adds to the celebration of love among people.

Importants three things

If you do not have any other specifications for your wedding day then the above three things should be enough for you to decide on a wedding venue. But in case you happen to have other requirements then you can add to the list of factors that you need to assess when shortlisting wedding venues near Stratford upon Avon. The trick here is to remember that the Stratford upon Avon is known for the greenery and fresh breath of air that it offers to people who are trying to escape the busy city lives.

Even if you happen to not know the place then you could give Stratford upon Avon a visit with your fiancée and check out the different hotels. The place has a lot to offer and has something to offer for everyone and from all walks of life. Depending on your budget, requirements, and list of invitees, you can select the hotel in Stratford upon Avon that will cater to you and your partner the best. Get married to the love of your life in the luscious greenery with a breath of fresh and chilly air and witness nature in its best.


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