How to choose the right type of dual roller blinds for home or office?


We all know home improvement projects are quite expensive and time-consuming. However, every house needs some improvement or renovation after few years to get a fresh new look that appeals to the eyes of homeowners and visitors also.  The best idea in such scenario is to install dual roller blinds in your home. This is a simple and cost-effective way to spruce up the overall curb appeal of your home. You can customize the options when you buy and buy these in different styles and sizes as per the frame of your window.

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However, there are different types of dual roller blinds available in the market with a wide variety in colors, designs, and fabric material type. These blinds lead to major light and sound control in your home. You can either manually operate these blinds, or with a remote control.

  • Carefully examine the surrounding space – These roller blinds are mostly installed on windows of home or office, so before finalizing make sure you are well aware about the surrounding space. You must know what the background colors of the area are, what are the dimensions of space, what is the style and design of the space. All these factors will help you decide the right kind of dual roller blinds for your windows.
  • Consider about positioning of blinds – When it comes to positioning these roller blinds there are two options – either you can place them behind the window or ahead of window. If you want to use these roller blinds as an accessory to your windows and enhance up the room décor then you can place them behind the window, else you can install them ahead of windows.
  • Decide what material type you want – Next important factor that you need to consider is what type of material you want to have in your roller blinds. As these are dual roller blinds so you need to choose two fabric materials. To block complete light, you must choose one blackout fabric material and to allow natural light you must choose sheer fabric material such as cotton, linen, polyester, etc. These days fiberglass material covered with PVC is also a good option if you want to choose more effective dual roller blinds.
  • Select your choice of color combinations – Color theory goes very simple. If your room has dark colored paint on walls, then you should choose lighter shade fabric material for roller blinds. Also, the lighter shades have a tendency to brighten up the room by reflecting light rays, so choose light colors if you want to enhance brightness of your room. One more thing to factor in is color and décor them of your room. Color of the dual roller blinds should either complement the room color or should be in contrast with it.
  • Decide which style you prefer – Dual roller blinds offer us endless options when it comes to their design and style variety. They are available in either plain style or designer style, both having their own charisma and elegance. Choose plain roller blinds if you prefer simple and classy look; otherwise choose designer roller blinds to add a royal touch to your home interior with these blinds. You can go for cost-effective and less lavish options for any type of modern home or office, if you install these dual roller blinds.

So, these were few important and effective factors that you must consider while choosing the right type of dual roller blinds for your home or office. Remember, these are practical tips, so following them as a guide will help you in making an informed decision and add a touch of beauty and elegance to your home or office interiors.


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