How To Choose the Right Replacement Part & Accessories For e-Cigarettes?


E cigs and vapes have been gaining immense popularity due to their effectiveness in decreasing smoking habits. They contain a lesser amount of tobacco and an option for no nicotine. As per an estimate from Public Health England, vaping is 95% safer than smoking. E cigs users inhale an aerosol, also known as a vapor produced from a mix of the atomizer and vape juice. Thus, being available in several different flavors of vape juice.

When it comes to saving the lungs and a massive chunk of money— no other choice can be better than e-cigarettes! However, they come with complications of their own, and one of them is choosing the right replacement part and accessories for e-cigarettes. But worry not! Here, we have covered everything you need to know about e cig parts & accessories to choose your magic device’s right replacement.

Let us start with understanding more about the e cig parts & accessories.

  • Clearomizers, Atomizers, And Replacement Heads

If you own an e cig or vape, you will want to invest in a Clearomizer. It is primarily the part where the liquid is stored. Since the heads are considered consumable items, the combination of the Clearomizer and the Atomizers hold up to 1.6ml of liquid. This certainly lasts for up to three weeks. Further, it is very easy to refill and maintain it— no doubt the customers love it!

Talking about choosing the one, it is essential to own dual coil atomizers as they work with various standard batteries and enhance the flavor’s hit. Other Clearomizers such as the Boge 510 or Gemini have recently gained popularity for holding twice the liquid. Moreover, being compatible with different types of e cigs.


  • Batteries And Charging Equipment

As we know that batteries wear down more often, it can certainly spoil the fun you had been expecting to extract from your e cig all day! However, this can be easily avoided with the help of rechargeable batteries. The high-quality and resourceful batteries are compatible with different kinds of e- cig, associated and manufactured by other brands.

The good news is that now, e cig parts are also available in various designs. Dazzling colors, colorful lights, LED detailing, and metallic finish— you can get your hands on whatever matches your preference. This is applicable to the battery as well as the charger.


  • Miscellaneous Parts & Accessories

With the evolution in technology, the vaping industry also has up its game. There is a piece of good news for all e cig lovers! You can now get your hands on dripping caps to prevent messy liquid spills. Other compatible and necessary accessories that you can purchase are stylish cases with integral charger, Hygienic Mouthpiece Covers to protect you in these uncertain times of Covid-19, atomizer tube, extended USB cable and more.

Tanks are also a vital part of e cigs. It is always suggested to check if there is a mouthpiece attached to the tank. At Ovale Electronic Cigarettes, we provide various sizes, prices, shades, and materials for all e cig parts & accessories. There are two major types of tanks that we offer our customers— HorizonTech Tanks and SMOK Tanks.

Why is it necessary to choose the right quality and kind of accessories?

As e-cigs and vapes are used to safe smoking and enjoying a variety of flavors, the enjoyment can be increased with the usage of the right parts and accessories. If you already own a vaping device or e cig and want to enhance your convenience and vaping experience, you should consider replacing your accessories with quality ones.

With a high-quality tank, carrying case, and rechargeable batteries, you can maintain your batteries in a much better way, thus belonging to their life. While there are starter kits available online and offline, you can always customize systems to customize different parts as per your requirements and needs.

However, customization can be very time-consuming and costly. Thus, it is advised to invest in a handy and high-end starter kit and latest tech parts.

Ovale USA is one of the world’s largest e-cigarette manufacturers and a Korean distribution company serving all your needs for e cig parts & accessories. The main aim of the company is to bring stability to the unstable environment created in the e cig and vaping industry. This is done by providing technical cooperation and competitiveness with a stable supply of proprietary technology.


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