How to Choose the Best Mattress?

How to Choose the Best Mattress

Choosing the best matter is essential and care must be taken while purchasing a mattress so that you get a perfect sleep. As having a sound sleep is necessary for our mental and therefore our physical health, never settle for a cheap mattress and save a few pounds while compromising your precious sleep. However, it can be very tough to choose the mattress that suits you from the various mattresses available at the bedroom furniture store. Read the guide to help you buy a mattress according to your desire.

Soft or hard mattress?

Firmness of a mattress is the most crucial factor. If you don’t consider it, you will not get a quality sleep and will wake up with pains and aches. If you prefer to sleep on your side or on your stomach, go for a softer mattress as it will support your lower back, hips and shoulders. If you like to sleep on back, go for a medium-hard mattress so that your hips don’t sink in and your spine remains aligned. Read the complete guide before visiting the buy mattress online.

If you weigh more than 200 lbs. you should buy medium-hard or hard mattress. Otherwise, your body will sink in and you are more likely to suffer from backaches. However, if your weight is under 150 lbs., soft mattress will conform according to your body and provide you with maximum support.

If you sleep with a partner, choose the firmness that suits both of you.


Support means how well a mattress will aid in aligning your backbone. The mattress should be flat and smooth in order to support your body so that your hips and shoulders do not sink in the mattress. The support of the mattress depends on the material from which it is made. Almost all mattresses provide great support when these new, but as these get older these get compressed and no longer provide the required support.

The comfort layer of the mattress is the topmost layer, which conforms to the body due to its soft material. The underlying layer can be memory foam, latex or any other foam. Some are hard, while some are soft. Go for the material that provides you the best support.

Avoid the mattress that generates heat

A lot of people complain that mattresses are hot. Mattresses do not generate their own heat. However, some mattresses do not dissipate the heat generated from human body lying. So, the person feels that the mattress is hot. Never go for the mattress that does this.


Most mattresses have an average life span of seven years, after which they start to compress or get worn off. When a mattress is at this age, it must be discarded and replaced with a fresh one. Otherwise, you will face trouble sleeping and will no longer get the comfort you used to get from that mattress. However, durability depends upon the material of the mattress. Latex mattresses and air mattresses often have longer lifespans.  Whereas, pocket spring mattresses and hybrid mattresses have shorter life. Go for the mattresses with longer life.


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