How to choose the best cbse schools pune for your child?


Will your child benefit from the CBSE curriculum? Governed by the education board, this is a school curriculum known to produce the best students from grades 1-12. Your child will get exposure to outstanding academics, healthy sports activities, and other extracurricular activities with the curriculum. It entails instilling skills and knowledge that help face competitive exams. Not only that, your child will become a critical thinker, a skill they will use for the rest of their lives. Have you given it a thought to the kind of benefits your child will gain from the CBSE curriculum? But first, which school that offers the curriculum should you choose?

Most importantly, how will you choose the best CBSE School? Here is a quick guide.

List down top CBSE schools

There are tons of CBSE schools in Pune, and the CBSE board has more schools on their waiting list waiting to become affiliated. Make a list of top CBSE schools you know of, then cancel out those that do not meet your selection criterion. It will depend on the pros and cons of individual schools over others.


Pune Covers an area of 3311.3 square kilometres; thus, CBSE schools in Pune cover a vast territory. It widens your decision. But to help you narrow down and choose the best CBSE School, look at the location. How far will it take to transport your child to and from, considering traffic? Choose one closer to your residency or place of work to make movement a lot easier.

Active in curricular activities

Though the board provides curricular activities as a significant part of the curriculum, some schools do not fully engage. Extracurricular activities will help your child develop unique skills and talents by discovering what sport they are good at. Participating in games will improve your child’s social skills as engagement and teamwork make the games enjoyable.


The best CBSE School for your child should be one that you can afford to pay for. Don’t kill yourself trying to raise money to pay for school. Instead, go for a school you can comfortably pay for, but one that offers the best for your child.

Consider needs

Do not choose a school just because it is well known as it may not be right for your child. A great CBSE school should be one that matches both you and your child’s needs. The goals you have in mind regarding your child’s future should get satisfaction from the school. Ensure that the school matches your child’s needs to enable them to adapt within the first few weeks.


Knowledge is power. Having the right information will help you in your quest to look for the right school for your child. From the school’s website to getting opinions from your workmates will help you see things differently. With all the necessary information, you can decide which school is best for your kid.

Have you thought of visiting? Seeing is believing, and by taking a school tour, you will get to make a decision eventually. Many schools are under the CBSE board but these tips will help you pick the right school for your child.


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