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Every year dozens of accidents occur in our country, among children aged 0 to 4 years caused by objects intended for them, according to the OCU.

Choosing the right equipment is essential, that’s why our Cabalist specialists in childcare give you a series of tips to hit the mark with your baby’s products and avoid risks.


Pacifiers are a great comfort to many babies; not everyone uses a pacifier, but if yours does, you must pay attention to a number of aspects:

  • The length of the teat must not be greater than 35 mm and it must be well supported so that it cannot come off.
  • The disc where the teat goes should have ventilation holes so that the little one can catch air through the mouth with the pacifier on. In addition, it should be large enough so that the child cannot swallow it, about 43 mm wide.
  • It is recommended to change the pacifier after 1 or 2 months of use.

Pacifier clips

To prevent the pacifier from falling on the floor or being lost, the brooches are the perfect complement but you have to be careful when choosing them as they can get tangled in your baby’s neck and cause suffocation. Keep in mind that it is not a toy, so do not offer it to the child in order to entertain him.

  • The pins with safety pins are not allowed because they can be dangerous since the child can prick himself.
  • The fasteners must have ventilation holes, unless they are large pieces, in case the child puts them in the mouth.
  • To avoid accidents, the length of the chain (not including the fastener to the clothes) must be less than 22 cm and the tape must have a minimum width of 6 mm.

Baby bottles

The choice of bottle is one of the most important and, although you should always take into account the recommendations of your pediatrician, it is advisable that you take into account a number of aspects that can help you in the right choice:

  • Baby bottles with graduation in millimeters should start at the 60 ml mark and the interval between graduations should not exceed 60 ml.
  • The minimum diameter of the cup or bottle sealing disc must be 35 mm.
  • You must sterilize the bottle before using it for the first time and after each use. Failure to do so can lead to the proliferation of bacteria that can become dangerous for your baby.


The spoon is the first place setting that your baby will use and its choice will help you to make the “porridge moment” easier.

  • It should be soft to avoid hurting your baby.
  • It should not have holes between 5.5 mm and 12 mm or stickers.
  • If the spoon is made up of two different pieces, check that the joint is solid and that the tip will not come off.


How to choose safe products for your baby-Girl crying in the crib Hammocks should not be confused with child safety seats for traveling by car. Ordinary hammocks only allow babies older than four months (never feel your baby before) and young children to be seated. They are not designed to protect them in the event of a traffic accident and must not be used inside a vehicle to transport children. Buy kids furniture online

Instead, there are some car safety seats that can also be used as hammocks and baby carriers.

You should look at:

  • The base of the hammock should be wider than the seat, and the locking mechanism should be secure. Take a test and push the chair down to see that it is sturdy.
  • The base of the hammock must have a non-slip surface to prevent the seat from sliding on a slippery surface.
  • The hammock strap or belt must be secure and the fabric washable.
  • If there are metal adjustment devices on the back of the hammock, make sure they are secure and do not protrude because they could cause the chair to fold by itself.
  • Never place the hammock on a table or other raised surface from where the child could fall, nor on the washing machine or any other vibrating surface (vibrations could cause the hammock to move and eventually fall).
  • Use the strap or belt of the hammock every time you feel the baby in it.
  • Avoid placing the hammock on soft or padded surfaces, such as beds or sofas, as it could tip over and the baby could suffocate.


How to choose safe products for your baby-Doll on the shelf Children must play safely and this is the responsibility of both manufacturers (who must take care of the toy’s design, safety regulations, and responsible manufacturing) and parents and educators who must choose appropriate toys. The OCU offers a series of guidelines for choosing toys safely:

  1. Choose the toy based on the age of the child. Marbles, coins, or toys with small pieces can cause choking and suffocation.

If different ages live together, supervise what toys the little ones play with because they may not be appropriate and become dangerous.

  1. Verify that they do not have:
  • sharp edges that can come off or that can cut
  • ribbons, threads or cords of more than 22 centimeters with which they can entangle
  1. Read the safety warnings and if they are not in Spanish, don’t buy it.
  2. Take into account the fragility of the toy since when it breaks it can present dangerous edges or edges.
  3. Check that the battery compartment is difficult to open.
  4. There are dangers that are not seen such as toxic substances or dangerous chemical components with which the toy can be made, so buy those that have the CE certificate.
  5. Read the instructions for its correct use and teach the children how to use it. Watch that they are used properly and periodically check that they are not damaged or broken to avoid accidents.


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