How to choose cabinet color to make kitchen brighter?


The kitchen is the center of the home. It is the perfect workshop where you prepare your meal. So, it usually comes naturally that the room should be open, airy, and colorful

An airy kitchen is perfect for someone who endures creating a winsome kitchen design with vibrant colors. Usually, these kitchens will show an open space radiating a serene ambiance. The cabinets feature neutral colors to attract natural light. So, that is why most homeowners opt for custom kitchen cabinets due to the subtle color, design, and pattern.

Certain modern design and color strategies can make for a spacious, brighter-looking cooking space. If you are looking for ideas for the same, this article will help you out. For small cabinets, bright colors are best, while for large, well-lit cabinets dark colors are better.

Table of content

  • The style of your cabinet
  • Will you sell your house soon?
  • The colors of your walls
  • Choose your own color
  • Refurbishment of your cabinets

The style of your cabinet

Considering the design style of your kitchen, You can easily choose the right color for your cabinet. If you want to give your kitchen a traditional look, classic colors like cream will be a good selection. Also, a white will do wonders in such a case. However, if you want to have a modern kitchen, you have a wide variety of colors to choose from. There is a variety of options ranging from red, green to yellow. Contrasting colors are also a great idea that works very well with modern style. Also, contrasting styles and bright colors are noted to go very well with the modern design.

Will you sell your house soon?

Before going for any remodel, it is important to know how long you shall be in the house.  This is not only for considering colors for your cabinets but for the whole establishment. If it is not your permanent residence and you are considering selling it in the future, you might want to stick to neutral colors so that the house implores to a wider audience. Make sure to pay attention to what your buyers shall like. Neutral colors such as white and gray highly appeal to most homeowners.

The colors of your walls

Whether you are smudging an existing cabinet or painting a new one, you should choose high-quality construction. Paint your cabinet so that it will look beautiful for the years to come. Consider painting your cabinets with complementary colors that will integrate well with your walls. Here are the most common colors that can be used complementarily: 

  • Red/ Green
  • White/ Black
  • White/ Yellow
  • Blue/ Orange
  • Purple/ Yellow

If you are not sure about the color combinations, consider using the color wheel to get the right color combinations.

Choose your own color

When it comes to cabinet colors, you can choose something bold and playful. Playing with colors can be fun and impactful. However, if you are in doubt and not sure about mixing, go for a single color. You can also go with one bold color.  Also, you can determine to pair with a neutral cabinet color. Another great cabinet for experimenting is to paint your kitchen island cabinetry a distinct color from the rest of the kitchen just for fun.

You can find a settlement by using various shades of one color. It is possible to paint your upper cabinets in dark shades of gray or tan and your lower cabinets in lighter shades. This simple technique will give you a neutral feeling in your kitchen but also give an element of visual interest.

Refurbishment of your cabinets

Depending on the layout of your kitchen and the want to style your cabinets accordingly, refurbishment is the way.  You can also give your space a facelift by spreading a pelt of primer, two coats of paint, and a shielding topcoat. To do this correctly, you will need to remove all the doors, remove the hardware, tape the hinges, paint the base cabinets and use a sprayer to paint and coat the doors of your cabinets outside to avoid brush marks. This is how you will notice a huge difference in the result. There are  5 Key Advantages of Custom Cabinets


The custom kitchen cabinet colors one chooses can either enhance or diminish the look depending on the size of the kitchen. You should choose cabinets that match the color scheme of your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, you can surely go with dark color for your cabinets. However, for a wider kitchen, light colors for your cabinet works flawlessly. Size matters for every design because the color of your cabinets can improve or torment the kitchen. So pay attention to the size.

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