How to build a natural skincare routine using a natural face wash & other organic products


Trying to figure out the perfect skincare routine? Well, this task seems impossible to complete, especially when one does not know what products to put in the basket! Crystal clear and glowing skin is a dream for all, but only a few manage to achieve it.

One needs to get a natural face wash, scrub, toner, moisturiser, serum, and eye cream to develop the perfect skincare assortment. But before picking the products, one must identify the skin type and ensure choosing the best brand. Let us know how to build the ideal skincare routine using naturally formulated products.

Plan The Perfect Skincare Routine Using Organic Products

Organic products are beauty items that do not contain any kinds of harmful chemicals or active compounds. There is no sulphate, paraben or toxic preservatives in these products. One must start her skincare routine with a natural face wash. Add organic scrubs and other listed items to it to make a balanced regime. Now let us understand how one can use these products to her benefit!

The use of natural products to pamper the skin yields healthy and complimenting results.

Perfect Skincare Routine: Step-By-Step Guide

After buying a natural face wash and all the required organic beauty products, it is essential to figure out the perfect routine to apply them. Use the given suggestions to understand the right method of using the products and maintaining a balance.

Cleansing: Pick A Natural Face Wash

A natural face wash is what one must not compromise with! We do not use scrubs and exfoliators daily, but it is essential to use cleansers twice a day. Therefore, buy the best natural face wash from a trusted brand. Here are some organic combinations one can try by judging her skin type.

Best Go-To Options To Try

  • Ylang Ylang, saffron and marula are the three ingredients that suit the best dull and dry skin type.
  • Neem, Hemp and Tea Tree oils combine well to make the perfect cleanser for acne-prone skin types.
  • Kakadu Plum and Tamanu are two natural ingredients that make a rare combination to aid uneven skin tone.

Exfoliating: Organic Scrubs To Go!

Exfoliation is a crucial step in a balanced skincare routine. One must not repeat this step more than twice a week! Take a small amount of scrub right after using the natural face wash and rub it on the skin in circular motions. Do not be too harsh while scrubbing, as the process can irritate the skin.

Best Go-To Options To Try

  • Do not use walnut or apricot scrubs as their particles are too rigid and cause damage to the skin, especially when one has sensitive skin.
  • Go for organically balanced scrubs that contain tiny particles.

Toning: Spray-On Natural Ingredients

Toners penetrate the skin pores and soothe the skin after the rough process of exfoliation. One should not miss out on this one before moisturisers. Buy spray bottles to apply the toners evenly.

Best Go-To Options To Try

  • Aloe vera, Lavender water, rosewater, basil water, Australian tea tree water, etc., are some of the best options for toners.
  • One may also try a combination of any of these two ingredients daily after using a natural face wash.

Moisturising: Use Mild Products

Moisturisers nourish the skin and heal the skin from within! Choose the best combination of natural moisturisers to keep the streak of organic products.

Best Go-To Options To Try

  • Myrrh and Australian sandalwood have proven to be the best options when it comes to organic moisturisers for all skin types.
  • One may opt for moisturising night creams in this process if she follows this routine at night.
  • Moisturisers absorb within the skin deeply, so it is essential to use products that do not have any chemicals.

Serum: Create A Protective Layer

Although some people feel it is fine to miss out on serums after using moisturisers, both products work differently. Apply an organic serum after five minutes of applying a moisturiser to see a healthy glow.

Best Go-To Options To Try

  • Use serums infused with natural oils. One can use such serums after using a natural face wash at night!
  • Do not rub the serum just like we rub moisturiser. Put a few drops on the skin and dab in it with light hands.

Eye Cream: Pamper The Eyes

Working on computers stresses our eyes. So, it has become critical to use an organic eye cream to pamper and protect the skin near the eyes.

Best Go-To Options To Try

  • Damask rose and coffee work wonders as under eye creams.
  • Chia and Tamanu infused creams are also worth a try!

Use all these products, starting from a natural face wash to serum, and get healthy and glowing skin. You must follow a consistent regime to get the best results. Also, make sure to buy the products of a particular organic brand to bring a balance. Relish the feeling of glowing and healthy skin!

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