How technology made integration and differentiation easy to learn?


What is integration?

It is a process of integrating different variables. It is one of the major concepts in calculus. Any problem can be solved by dividing any equation into small fragments. Then solving each of them separately. Integration helps us to solve the minor lags or glitches in any problem. 

Integration plays a significant role in our daily life. Students should know the uses of integration. Its uses can be seen in Medical Sciences, Statistics, Research Analysis, Graphics, Chemistry and Physic. It upsurges the efficacy and improves the yield

Its major benefit is that it lessens the use of resources and manages the interruptions.


What is differentiation?

Differentiation is an algebraic method of finding the derivative of various functions at any point. The derivative is the root concept of calculus. You can calculate it through online derivative calculators if you don’t like going through all the fuss. 


Technology: Integration & Differentiation:

Technology offers added bonuses for beginners to understand and interrelate mathematical concepts. They can explore various concepts with the help of

  • Games
  • Simulations
  • Digital tools
  • Multimedia
  • Videos
  • Presentations etc.

Incorporating technology in mathematics increases the probability of the understanding in students. Their extensive works can be done easily with the help of technology


Mathematics- Using technology:

It’s an old saying of students that mathematics is a dry and boring subject. It lacks pictorial descriptions, illustrations and images. Most of the students feel difficulty in understanding its various concepts. As a result, the majority dislikes it and doesn’t pursue it as their career.

To make a math lesson interactive, teachers have played an imperative role. They have integrated technology in their math lesson. They have added images, diagrams and pictorial representation of different concepts. 

This has made it easy for the students to understand a concept by not visualizing but by seeing it with their eyes.

Online Games

Physical games were always a part of our routine. But nowadays, online games have taken their place. Games are all about winning and losing. 

Teachers have tricked the students to play games relating to the concepts they had studied in the class. When students play it, they don’t aimlessly just play it, their brains are actually joining the concept and the game.


Visuals and Calculus

When a student sees a graph on screens, they immediately understand how it was made and what the constraints are. Instead of imagining everything in their minds. Brain works faster when it sees colors and pictures.


Software: Integration & Differentiation

There are several ways to use technology in mathematics. They are different software for it too. One of them is the CAS- computer algebra system or you can use an online integral calculator to do the job for free.



CAS stands for ‘Computer Algebra Systems’. CAS is a type of completely collaborative math software that has certain capabilities

  • It can perform algebraic operations e.g.






  • It carries out calculus operations





Limits of functions



  • It can plot 2 or 3-dimensional graph


(x,y) graphs

(x,,y,z) graphs


CAS is mostly used in the coaching and learning of Calculus. It can help us to do 


– Tiresome computation

– To envisage problems

– To identify the pattern of a problem

– To make estimations 

– And experimentation


Restraints of technology

  • Unhealthy brain:


No doubt, our tedious work can be done with just a few clicks. But this makes us lazy and mentally weak. 


Our brain doesn’t need easy things to work better but when we broaden our horizons, our brain acclimates and works much quicker.

  • Laziness


Students who solely rely on CAS may get weak in understanding the basic concepts of mathematics. Students are pleased with getting answers by using CAS, they don’t feel the need to study harder and deeper.


  • Bye-bye to conventional teaching method


Using technology may give an extra burden to the teachers in a way that they have to embed technology in their routine teaching style. They have to plan lessons physically and visually. This may reduce the effectiveness in delivery of lectures.


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