Liver cancer treatment

Cancer is feared and loathed by everyone. It is one of the most deadly and dangerous diseases our body can face, and treatment isn’t easy. Cancers or cysts occur in the body when body tissues start getting destroyed by cells that the body neither produces nor controls. These abnormal growths, called tumours, may be either malignant or benign. Liver cancer or hepatic cancer is one of the common types of cancer where the hepatic cells are affected.

So click show me more to understand liver cancer, it’s treatments and their approximate costs. After going through this piece, we’re sure you can put your best foot forward to deal with liver cancer treatment!

Liver cancer is classified into two forms based on metastasis:

  • Primary liver cancer which starts in the hepatic cells, bile ducts, blood vessels and connective tissue of the liver. Some examples are hepatoblastoma, hepatoma, angiosarcoma, fibrolamellar cholangiocarcinoma etc.
  • Secondary liver cancer which originates in a body part other than the liver and is a metastasis of other forms of cancer.

Liver cancer is separated into different stages 0, A, B, C and D based on the degree of severity and growth of the tumour. Liver cancer is usually treated by radiotherapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapies etc. apart from surgical procedures. Most popular surgical options in case of liver cancer treatment are liver resection, partial hepatectomy, total hepatectomy and more.

Liver cancer treatment cost in India is significantly lesser in comparison to the U.S and other developed nations where even the most straightforward plans and procedures cost north of 10,000 USD (INR 7,57,855). India is one of the best places in terms of facilities offered at low price points. Several patients from all over the world look to India to seek cancer treatment each year.

You need to be confident when you pick a hospital to undergo treatment for liver cancer as it’s a matter of your life and health.

Always be well researched and try to ask people who’ve previously undergone treatment in that hospital to share their honest and genuine experience as it instills confidence in you. Pick a hospital that has the latest technologies and equipment along with a team of excellent doctors with good experience, skills and reputation. Don’t blindly go for the most expensive hospital assuming treatment is relative to the price. You need to have a show me more mentality and factor in your economic stability and status before making the final decision.

The costs of liver cancer treatment vary on several varying aspects like:

  • Treatment method opted by the patient and doctor.
  • Type of surgery, in case it’s required.
  • Different treatment procedures underwent.
  • Additional treatments in connection to liver cancer.
  • Hospital fee and room type.
  • Accreditation, brand, name and type of hospital.
  • Type of insurance.
  • Expertise, experience and reputation of the doctor.
  • The difficulty of surgery.
  • Condition and health of the patient.

The expenses of treatment as such vary immensely from one hospital to another and one location to another due to these factors. Liver cancer treatment cost in India was generally found around 3 to 6.5 lakhs on average. Based on a survey, Pune is the city with the most economical treatment with expenses amounting to just 2,25,000 INR. Among the other metropolitan cities, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai had alternating yet intermediate costs, usually amounting between 5 to 6 lakhs. The cities with the most expensive options are Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Bangalore with treatment as costly as 6 to 10 lakhs.

Some of the best hospitals in India to undergo liver cancer treatment are Cancer Healer Center, Tata memorial, AIIMS, Fortis, Apollo, Columbia Asia, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of cancer research.

Now that you’re done reading this, we are positive you can surely make the best decision for your treatment!


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