How Moffett Truck Is Different From Conventional Forklift?


When it comes to forklifts, you can either go with the traditional forklift or a Moffett truck. Although they both are used to lift heavy weights, still there are many differences. But which one is better? This is the most commonly asked question by people looking to buy forklifts. That is why we have prepared this guide about how modern forklifts are different from traditional ones. It will also help you to figure out which one is more suitable for your business requirements.

Moffett Forklifts Have More Security Features

The modern Moffett forklift has more security features that significantly reduce the chance of accidents on the site. The array of the features include,

  • Interlocking seatbelt for the safety of the operator.
  • Overhead guard designed for rollover protective structure and falling object protective structure.
  • 360° vision all around the forklift.
  • Work light and LED road light for the safety of people working around it.

In the presence of these features, they have a tremendously low risk of accidents in comparison to traditional rival forklifts.

Lifting Mechanism of Truck with Forklift

Another benefit of the Moffett forklift is that they have hydraulic stabilizers that prevent it from rolling forward like the traditional ones. The stabilizers allow the Moffett to lift the heavyweights in a controlled manner. Now, you can extend and retract the mast of the Moffett to carry and drop the weights safely.

They Are Long-Lasting than Traditional Forklifts

These forklifts are known to be more durable and long-lasting than their competitors. Even, if you buy a used Moffett, it can last up to 10,000 to 15,000 working hours. If you buy them from a good dealer like Truck Forklifts, where they are maintained properly, they can last for even longer. Furthermore, if you follow the right maintenance schedule and regular cleaning, it can further increase the longevity of forklifts. Also, remember to use the right lubricants and stay within recommended load capacity. It will help to keep the truck-mounted forklift in a better condition longer than the traditional rival.

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They Are Cost-Effective

In general, the forklifts were designed to reduce the time, cost, and effort. But with Moffett, these features are amplified. This machine can be mounted at the truck’s back that makes it an ideal option for many businesses. The benefit of the Moffett is that after the load is shifted, you can attach the forklift at the back of the truck to transport it to the other site. It allows you to save costs on transferring the forklift separately as in the case of traditional ones.

We can conclude that Moffett is an upgrade to the traditional forklifts, and surpasses all the features of the previous product. They are more durable and cost-effective which makes them ideal for many businesses. Even if you buy a used Moffett truck, they will last longer than other rivals. Another plus point of these forklifts is that they have advanced safety features that ensure the safety of the machine itself, its operator, and the people working around it.

The decision is up to you. Whether you want to buy Moffett or a traditional forklift, consult with your dealer to see which one is more suitable for your business.


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