How Many Hours Does a 6000mAh Battery Last During Long Gaming Sessions?


The “low battery” indicator on your smartphone can be a big turn-off, especially when you are about to kill the final boss. Sure, sitting next to a power outlet can help, but it’s not the most feasible option. Your best bet, other than playing on low battery mode, is to buy a phone with more battery backup. Sadly, earlier generation phones had standard 4000mAh batteries that powered mobile phones for round the day use and 4-5 hours when playing games.

However, with greater features and more technology integrations on newer devices, you will now find a large number of 6000mAh battery mobiles.

6000mAh Battery phone

So does it really make sense to upgrade your phone to the best mobile phone under 20000 INR with a 6000mAh battery? This article looks at how long mobile phones with 6000mAh last when under huge load or during extended gaming sessions.

Battery Backup

A 6000mAh capacity for a mobile phone is a lot. A few years ago, 6000mAh was the standard for laptop batteries. When you consider that a laptop has a bigger screen size and more demanding hardware components, you’ll understand why 6000mAa almost seems like overkill for a smartphone. So how does it match up when playing games? To answer this, it’s first important to know which games you like playing.

If you are into role-playing games like Minecraft, a 6000mAh battery can give you upwards of 10 hours of continuous gameplay. When playing first-player online games like Call of Duty or PUBG, you can expect a more reasonable 6 hours of continuous usage.

When playing these game titles, it’s important to remember that the battery is not just powering the display, but also your phone’s network adaptors that let you connect to the internet at high speeds. Most online games require a minimum of 2Mbps of internet bandwidth to function smoothly, so in addition to powering all your hardware components, your battery also must keep you connected at all times.

Bigger Battery = Bigger Smiles?

Does extended battery life really impact the in-game experience? In a word, yes. If you’re a gamer, you would know that batteries have a tendency to die just when you are at a critical juncture in the game. When playing online, this can have a detrimental impact on your game as the option for respawning can mean losing valuable time and points, in some games like Half-Life. Having the extended battery life that a 6000mAh battery affords ensures that you have sufficient back-up to see you through the entire game’s duration, without having to run to a power outlet. This can be a lifesaver (quite literally), especially if you don’t have access to a power outlet.

Unfortunately, as mobile phone technology and hardware have evolved over-time, batteries have remained relatively unchanged. One look at the smartphone market will reveal only a few phones that have 6000mAh batteries. Some of the phones are the Samsung Galaxy M30s and the Asus ROG Phone 3. Both phones are powered by the Snapdragon chipset and are ideal for gaming. It’s only after manufacturers build “gaming” specific phones that larger battery sizes will be available on flagship devices.

Fewer Charge Cycles

It’s important to remember that the battery life of smartphones is dependent on a number of factors. Battery size is just one amongst many. How efficient are your hardware components? What is the display type or size? When calculating battery life, it’s also important to consider these critical aspects of your smartphone. A major advantage that a higher capacity battery has over lower capacity batteries is the few charge cycles it has to undergo.

A charge cycle is essentially the number of times your battery goes from 0% to 100%. Lower capacity batteries have to go through more charge cycles owing to their shorter backup capacity. Higher capacity batteries like a 6000mAh battery go through fewer charge cycles; as a result, the overall life of the battery will be considerably higher, leading to more gaming hours and uninterrupted live gaming sessions.

Bigger-sized batteries will, without a doubt, lead to a greater gaming experience. How many hours of battery life will a 6000mAh battery give is hard to tell, because the answer is dependent on a number of factors (mentioned above). Nevertheless, you will definitely see the benefits of a 6000mAh battery as you start gaming, with long-term benefits that enhance the life of your smartphone.

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