IAS exam takes place in different stages. Each phase has its diverse and detailed syllabus. Now, we will elaborate on the steps of the IAS entrance examination in detail.


There are three different phases to clear in an IAS Exam:




Firstly, you have to give IAS Prelims. The pattern of the IAS entrance exam is objective and not subjective. For Prelims, you have to give two papers. These are

  • General Studies Paper I, and General Studies Paper-II

Both account for 200 marks each, these marks are really important so make your best efforts to get them. There is good syllabus size for learning for the IAS preliminary exam.





IAS Mains is the next step or we can say it is middle phase of clearing IAS entrance exam.

A total of nine different papers are there in IAS Mains:


  • The first paper is in general Indian Language which we speak. You just have to only pass this paper. However, its marks will not be counted in allotting ranks (300 scores).
  • You can find the same in the case of a paper of English. This exam checks your knowledge and usage of the English language (300 marks).
  • Essay Writing is the third paper. In this paper, the candidates have to pen down an essay on the said topic (250 marks).
  • The fourth Paper is General Studies. Indian history, art and culture, and the world’s geography are some of the asked areas. (1250 marks).
  • Next, the fifth Paper is General Studies part II. Constitution, Parliament, and government policies are a few topics covered in the General Studies II paper (250 marks).
  • The sixth Paper is General Studies part III. If you are a nature-lover, this paper will be a piece of cake for you (250 marks).
  • The seventh Paper is General Studies IV. You should have an analytical approach to societal problems around you to qualify for this paper (250 marks).
  • The eighth paper is an Optional Subject, and so is the ninth one.




After cracking the pre and mains exams, the best of candidates face this final step of an interview. In this stage of 275 marks, many students lose their marks that affect their overall ranking. Making good personality impact is really important to clear this phase. This round is for those who qualify for the IAS Mains examination. All the students of Vajirao Institute provides best online coaching for IAS program get interview facing guidance.


This phase judges your overall personality, mental aptitude, etiquette, and awareness of news. This round takes place at the UPSC Office, Delhi. High level of IQ is must to face all the questions and give satisfactory answers on time. Majority of the students get rejected in this phase of interview because lack of confidence and improper answers.


This personality test has duration of about half an hour to one hour. Unlike the previous two stages, this stage has no specific syllabus. The board can question you about anything. That’s why this stage is called hard. It could be anything based on your hobbies and interests also. Or the questions can be from your optional subject. If you pass this phase, then you will get the final ranking.


So, you need to clear these three phases if you want to be an IAS officer.



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