How Long Does a flu last? 14 most Common Questions and their Answers



There are certain symptoms or diseases that we all might have suffered such as headache, pain, fever or chills but in such conditions if signs like flu are added such as cough, sneeze with runny nose and sore throat things become pretty difficult and the health of the person also suffers. As we talked above flu in medical term is called as influenza and this is a very common condition suffered by people of all ages and gender. And even after treatment and rest, people still feel tired and it takes days to regain their energy levels again.

How long does a flu last?

The signs and symptoms of flu such as runny nose or cough often starts to appear when the patient is exposed to or came into contact with the influenza virus after four to five days. And once the symptoms appear, they last for a maximum of 3 to 7 days to achieve complete relief.

However folks who have taken flu shots before the winter season might experience less extreme signs and symptoms of flu. And the symptoms may appear for less days. In addition, the signs may not be very harsh.

The standard period or life of flu lasts till 3 to 7 days. Fever is also noted but it usually gets okay within a week or so but the process of coughing lasts for 15 plus days. Also the infants, younger age group or elderly are likely to experience much extreme conditions as compare to other and if not treated can suffer from pneumonia as well. Although with flu shots things are made much easier. As the flu shot lessens or try to reduce the occurrence of flu but it does not completely dismiss the disease.

Timeline and symptoms

Though the exposure time till the stage symptoms appear is 4 to 5 days but few symptoms of flu appear at once such as fever. However after a day or so the signs and symptoms will double up but it takes a day or two. The most common signs and symptoms are

  • Headache
  • fever
  • Congestion
  • Throat sore
  • Chills
  • muscle pain
  • runny nose
  • And rarely vomiting is reported.

But if with complete 24 hour bed rest with the intake of warm foods or soups can lower the intensity after a day and the person suffering must opt for anti-viral or analgesic medication.



We all are known with one fact that flu is a viral condition and cannot be treated with antibiotics. The person suffering from flu must take antiviral drugs within 24 hours and this will reduce the intensity of sign and symptoms of flu and will lessen the time interval. Also rest and warm soups or meat are going to help and people who suffer from congestion must nebulize themselves with saline or normal water can also be used. Also, people who suffer from flu must stay away from others to avoid spread of this contagious disease.


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Common questions and answers!


Q1. Do we need medical help or care with flu?

Generally the symptoms of flu are fever, runny nose or sore throat and if these are not very profound then medical care is not needed however an infant is suffering from severe symptoms and is likely to develop pneumonia then doctor help is needed.


Q2. Are we at the great risk of developing major complications through flu?

A protocol, which is followed, is that younger people including kids or toddlers with elderly or people who age above 65 years are likely to develop more complications as compare to other age group.

Q3. Do we require a flu diagnostic test?
Usually flu symptoms are known to everyone and majority experience runny nose and fever as a common indication of flu and if not treated can spread. But influenza is of different types and its different types can causes respiratory illnesses in community of more congested areas where there is a potential that things will be out of control. But your doctor can also prescribe a flu test if condition is getting out of hands. And requires treatment

Q4. Should we take antiviral for flu or not?

Well it is advised and prescribed by all doctors that if a person takes the antiviral medication within a day or two the signs, symptoms will definitely lessen, and the time period of disease will be shorten.

Q5.What other medication should be taken over the counter?

Generally it is advised to take rest and eat warm vegetables and soups to control the disease like flu but to avoid suffering antiviral drugs are taken and for lowering fever Tylenol or Advil is recommended for sure. But for young kids a proper doctor prescription is a must to treat the flu.

Q6. How long it last?

A typical flu lasts for a maximum of 5 to 7 days and requires proper rest and fluids intake.

Q7. Can flu shot lower the time frame of flu?

Yes, for sure it can lower the time frame and can reduce its intensity but it does not completely eradicate the disease.

Q8. Which signs are alarming in flu?

The most common signs that might occur with flu are difficulty of breathing. And very rarely pneumonia in kids is reported thus proper doctor evaluation and treatment is required for sure for all patients who are at high risk.

Q9. What to do if we have a young kid at home?

Very commonly, when anyone at home is suffering from flu is likely to spread the flu to other family members but if you have a child at home, you must wear a mask and wash hands all the time to prevent the spread of the condition.

Q10. Any vitamins or herbal medication?

Well as such, no vitamin or herbal capsule is ruled out to be affective for flu yet.

Q11. How many days to recover from flu?

It takes a maximum of 5 to 7 days to recover from flu completely.

Q12. When to go back to school?

Once the symptoms are not very severe and by wearing a mask at school, you can join after four days.

Q13. How to treat fever:

With flu, fever is common so take Tylenol or Advil to treat fever.

Q14. What other ways to prevent spread of flu­
The most common way is to wear mask, wash hands and keep diet healthy.









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