How is the value of the damage to motor vehicles assessed?


Damage assessment, ie the methodology we use to determine the damage, is the most important aspect of fair compensation. Which means that a properly done assessment of the value of the damage guarantees us fair, impartial and objective compensation for the damage. The process of determining the assessment of the value of the damage takes place through four phases. We will process each of the phases in more detail, in order to make it easier to understand the whole procedure.

Determining the value of a motor vehicle on the day of the damage.

To determine the value of a motor vehicle, KFZ Gutachter needs the following elements:

  • Purchase price of the vehicle – is determined based on the market value if the car model is produced
  • Mileage – value correction is made according to whether the vehicle has covered more or less kilometers than the average predicted kilometers
  • Age of the vehicle and the date of the first registration – according to this criterion, the value of the vehicle is reduced by age and categories
  • Investment – repairs have been made that affect the value of the vehicle
  • General condition of the vehicle – the decrease in the value of the vehicle is determined in relation to the neglect of the vehicle itself
  • Supply and demand in the market
  • Method of exploitation
  • Previous damages, manner and quality of performed repair

Determining the value and degree of damage

When determining the extent of damage to a motor vehicle, it is necessary to determine:

  • Value of replacement parts
  • Value of repair work
  • Value of consumables and painting materials

It is important to note here that this calculation also includes the reduced value of the vehicle.

Determining the value of vehicle debris

KFZ Sachverständiger is calculating the value of debris by subtracting the costs from the value of usable parts of the vehicle:

  • Dismantling
  • Preparations
  • Controls
  • Selling

Calculation of total damage

This is the fourth, and at the same time the last phase in the process of determining the value of the damage. If the repair costs and possibly the reduced value of the vehicle are equal to or even greater than the value of the motor vehicle (on the day of the damage) reduced by the estimated value of the residue, it is total damage. In that case, the damage is liquidated. Otherwise, the vehicle is repaired by an authorized service center.


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