How is Robotic Hair Transplant Different from Other Hair Transplant Methods?


In recent times, there are several types of hair transplant methods available in the major metro cities and it becomes difficult which to choose. Every method has its pros and cons. To clear this confusion, we have briefly compared the various types of hair transplant techniques and discussed how they are different from each other.

However, before zeroing down on any technique, it is better to consult a renowned hair transplant specialist who can recommend the best treatment for your problem after analyzing your hair and scalp.

There are several clinics available which offer the latest hair restoration techniques due to which many people prefer undergoing the procedure in this city.

For good and natural results, it is necessary to choose an expert hair transplant doctor. It is the doctor who will decide and execute how your hairline should be designed and the angle and direction of hair implantation.

The robotic hair transplant is the latest and most advanced technology available in Mumbai. Till now, hair transplant was performed manually through FUT or FUE method but with newer development in medical science, things are changing for the good.

Here in this article, Dr. Shankar Sawant, a renowned hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai will tell us about how is Robotic Hair Transplant different from other hair transplant methods?

What is Robotic hair transplant?

Robotic hair transplant is a procedure wherein a robotic device is used to provide minimally invasive hair transplant. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to acutely analyze and dissect the best grafts from the donor area and precisely implant it in the recipient area. This hi-tech image-guided robotic device provides a seamless and personalized treatment giving natural-looking results.

How is the Robotic hair transplant procedure performed?

This is an advanced procedure and only a few clinics in Mumbai provide it. The clinic has to have this ultra-modern robotic system in order to offer this procedure. Moreover, the hair transplant surgeons need to undergo training so that they can operate this device. As of now, robotic hair transplantation is mostly available in big metro cities.

Robotic hair transplant is the automated process of follicular unit extraction (FUE). The system is fitted with a robotic arm that is attached to the site creation and extraction tool, a video-imaging system, and a computerized control panel.

The image-guided technology allows microscopic precision in extracting the hair follicles and preparing the recipient site. Before the procedure, the doctor has to program the system according to the requirement of grafts.

Robotic hair transplant vs FUE:

If you compare both these hair transplant methods, then each has its pros and cons.

  • One major difference between the two is, robotic hair transplant is an automated procedure whereas FUE is done manually.
  • FUE hair transplant is a tedious and tiresome process as the doctor has to manually remove each hair follicle. Due to this, the procedure takes a longer time. In a robotic hair transplant, the extraction is done quickly with more precision and accuracy as it can identify the grafts with more hair. This improves the quality of the grafts and the survival rate is high.
  • Further with the robotic hair transplant, the margin of error decreases when it comes to preparing the recipient area for implantation. Perfectly aligned and spaced holes are made according to the angle and direction programmed by the doctor. This accuracy is not possible in FUE.
  • In FUE, the hair transplant surgeon uses his experience and skills to give you an artistic, well-aligned hairline. This may not be possible in a robotic hair transplant.

Robotic hair transplant vs FUT:

  • In a robotic hair transplant, there is no use of scalpels and stitches, so there are no visible scars seen after the surgery. Whereas, FUT hair transplant leaves behind a linear scar at the back of the head. It is quite prominent and you will have to wear your hair long to hide it.
  • The recovery period in a robotic hair transplant is faster and you can resume your daily activity quickly. But in FUT, it takes a longer time to heal as the surgeon removes the strip of skin from the donor area and the wound is closed with sutures. Because of it, you need to be extra careful as there are chances of infection.
  • Furthermore, in robotic hair transplant, there is very little pain involved which is managed with anesthesia and painkillers. On the contrary, FUT being a surgical process is quite painful and takes a longer time to heal.
  • FUT hair transplant is the least expensive than all the hair transplant method and the robotic hair transplant is the most expensive of all the methods available in Mumbai.

After reading this article, you might think of which method you want to opt for. It is best that you consult a good hair transplant surgeon in a metropolitan city like Mumbai. To find a list of hair transplant surgeons in Mumbai who perform FUE, FUT or robotic hair transplant surgery, Click Here.


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