How is aluminium kick plate protecting doors?


Protecting a door should be a priority when the door is present in the public place e.g. in a university, hospital, or shopping malls. Because people don’t care about them and misuse them. So, when you install a door in the public place then you must have to install the aluminium kick plate for its protection. I find these plates very much useful for the protection of doors.

Aluminum Kick Plate

I was in the management department of a well-known university. Managing all the materialistic stuff is my responsibility. I am working in the university for the previous ten years and it is very important for me to maintain the university within budget. A few years ago, everything was going great. I was very happy with my job but one day my explanation calls. I don’t understand what happened. When I move to the room of head then he asked me about the doors. I understand what he wanted to say. I explained that I find that the doors were damaged and I replaced them. But within six months the students damage again due to the misuse of the door and I don’t have enough budget to replace them now. The head orders me to replace them as it I not good for the reputation of the university.


I don’t want to waste the resources of the university. So, I was finding the type of doors which will be very much helpful for a very long-time. For that purpose, first I judge the reasons and area of the doors which are damaging frequently.


  • The lower area of doors is damage very much. On observing I find that the students were kicking the doors by their feet. There are many of them who were doing it intentionally. It was very embracing that the students of university don’t have manners but I can’t stop every student because they won’t listen.
  • On moving the chairs, they are mostly hitting the lower area of the door by hitting them with the chair.


These were the two basic reasons which students were repeating and I want to resolve this issue from roots. So, I visit the market and told the shopkeeper about the issue. He suggests I install the aluminium kick plate as it absorbs the shock and helpful in preventing the door. I came back and discuss with my head. He allows me to increase the budget for the resolving of issues permanently. I leave and reach the shop but the shopkeeper was gone due to some emergency in his family. So, I start searching for the kick plate on the internet. I find much online stress that seems nice but I had to be careful so, I select one company and buy one plate from them. After watching the sample, I order the plate for all doors in the university as the quality was outstanding.

After the installation of these aluminium kick plates, I never find any complaints regarding the damage of doors. So, I suggest that they must install in the public place. I buy the plates from the well-reputed online store Krowl. They are offering the best plates at affordable prices.


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