How Installing Extra Car Security Measures Make Sense?


Protecting your car along with its valuable assets, are all excellent reasons to invest in a quality car security system. A suitable security mechanism not only makes your vehicle difficult to steal, but it also makes it easier to live with. If you want to secure your car, installing cameras and alarms is the right way to do so. But not all security systems are easy to manage. Besides that, a majority of them require regular maintenance. Some systems also let you use your smartphone to monitor and control your car’s security.  At Vallejo Hyundai dealer, you would get a wide variety of car security systems as per your preference.

Active Car Alarms

Active car security alarms refer to those which the motorist initiates after exiting the car. In usual conditions, this alarm gets activated by pressing the lock key present on the fob. In case a door is not locked, the security system will emanate a shrill chirp. Nowadays, this type of car alarm is a standard feature in many cars.


Modern-day car alarms can send text messages to the smartphone of the owner. This type of car security system is useful for those who park their car longer distances from homes and workplaces. This type of car security system is also helpful in neighborhoods, where alarms go off frequently.


With the activation of the active alarm, both the horn and lights start flashing. This continues till the signal is neutralized along with the fob or the ignition key. A few cars are present with this security feature on the driver’s side door. While buying a car, ask the manufacturer or dealership about this car security feature.

Explore Other Options

A majority of car system security experts will provide you with various additional features. You can easily integrate these features to your existing car security system. These usually comprise window break sensors, radar sensors, etc. Motion sensors are also becoming an integral part of modern-day cars. These sensors can detect and record any suspicious movement when the vehicle is stationary.

Car security systems- A practical way to save your prized possession

Your prized possession requires ultimate security against thefts and unwanted entries. One of the prized possessions that require such an advanced level of protection is your car. An alarm system is an electrical device which is installed within the vehicle to produce high-volume sound on unauthorized entries.

Benefits of car alarms

The alarm system might appear to be a tiny device which comes with a simplistic design. But, the system is quite beneficial in lowering the chances of thefts and unauthorized entries towards your vehicle.Given the value of your prized possession, it is one of the affordable ways to protect these from frauds and thieves available at Vallejo Hyundai dealership. Also, as these activate high-pitched sounds, hence it acts as a deterrent to the burglars.

These alarms are easy to install and can be operated by your smart gadgets as well. However, different types of systems are available in the market to provide security to your car belongings. Make sure to choose them appropriately as per your requirements.


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