How Heartbreak Is Caption Cool Dhoni’s Retirement?

dhoni retirement

Those days are the golden time we all used to watch cricket just to see Dhoni’s helicopter shot. He is a famous cricketer who is loved by the world’s cricket fans. His presence of mind and accuracy in fielding will leave everyone gets shocked. Unfortunately, we are all going to miss those precious things in the upcoming cricket matches.

Its all because the legend announced his retirement. This news makes the whole country to get tears. Likewise, abhinav anand bade and bibhu from Binge! YouTube channel shared their unforgettable memories of Dhoni. Actually, this video is about Dhoni & Me these peoples will talk about MS Dhoni and the feelings they had for him.

MSD you know it isn’t a word it’s an emotion that induces everyone to shout like anything. Once this man enters the stadium the audiences will go crazy. In every match, ms dhoni will give a surprise and irreplaceable memories. Be it is a strike, fielding, captaincy or anything dhoni do it to the fullest.

More than playing for his records he used to play for the country and will cheer the team. Once he stepped into the ground he forgets that he is a captain and will co-ordinate with all with zero attitudes. Even the co-player is a new player he used to talk patiently and in fact even after he retired from captain position he always gives advice.

The way he makes even cricket haters to watch cricket has been clearly explained by binge abhinav anand as well as amit bhadana you know if you watch this video you will also go back to those memories when you enjoy cricket all because of its finish off. The one called thugesh also give its opinion

Likewise, there is a lot more to say about him. In this video abhinav anandbade tsp and binge bibhu shared the ms dhoni retirement reaction. Actually it’s a video about dhoni retirement as well as dhoni tribute. No one can forget this legend and the things he did for the country.

We all have cried when we see Dhoni’s last run out. That’s what this video will show you and they tell how to do msdhoni tribute for sure you will cry for sure if you watch dhoni retirement video however we all want to accept that our captain cool retired alright no need to feel sad.

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