How Has Personalisation Changed The Gift-Making Industry


Personalisation is a major trend-setter in recent times. Its pace is so fast that it has brought about significant changes in the industry and probed competitors to introduce new features to attract the consumer. Personalisation is important for building better interpersonal relations and makes everyone feel extra special. Naturally, companies also have to bring about change in their production pattern to keep up with the expectations of the consumers. The industry has in fact increased four-fold over the past five years owing to best personalised gifts.

The spurt in the growth of personalised gifts has increased because of consumer behaviour and preferences which are being studied properly to produce gifts that suit their requirements. Some of the most preferred sectors include jewellery, photo frames, coffee mugs, clothing, etc to name a few. The market is further divided into corporate and personal sectorswith the corporate one making almost 80% of the market. Online marketing has further made it easy for the consumer to buy gifts by browsing through the catalogues. Earlier, the range was limited to mugs and photo frames but now it has started to include scrolls, calendar, tote bags, lamps, crystals and more. Wider ranges of customisation according to products will be available with the spread of internet penetration. The demand for personalised goods increases many folds especially during the occasions like Christmas, New Year, etc. Even thedemand for personalised cakes increases during anniversaries.

Here are some of the factors that have contributed to the growth in the personalised goods.

  • The growth in the purchasing power of the young has resulted in the change in consumer behaviour. Lifestyles are greatly responsible for the spurt in the choice of items and the general spending spree. Traditional gifting techniques and ideas have taken a backseat because of this. Small personalised gifts are a symbol of bonding between the recipient and the one giving the gift.
  • The western influence in gifting is also an important contributing factor. The concepts of Christmas and New Year or Diwali leads to an increase in the number of orders. Just as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries and Birthdays also influence the kind of gifts. People, today, are more open to different kinds of gifts that offer value and make the idea of gifting memorable. Personalised messages have their own power and charm which increases the amount of orders. They create a sense of love and bonding that is quite powerful and unique. People are more likely to remember personalised gifts than the other ones.
  • The boom in online marketing is also responsible for the increase in personalised gifting. E-commerce offers smooth and efficient ordering and delivery system of deliverables which makes people all the more prone to ordering gifts for near and dear ones. Therefore, this is among the most important factors that have contributed to the growth in the market for personalised gift items.

The future of personalised gifting system is bright and likely to improve over the years with the advancement in technology and online marketing system.


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