How Good is EarthLink in Wellington, FL?


The residents of Wellington, FL, have access to various providers of the top kind. But one provider excels particularly in this area and that is EarthLink. The primary service under EarthLink’s focus is the internet. Marketed as ‘HyperLink’ Internet, the high-speed internet from EarthLink is available for the residents of Wellington, FL in two types: DSL and Fiber. In fact, it’s among the top 5 providers currently offering services in the city. 

EarthLink: A Cursory Background

EarthLink offers residential and business broadband services across 30 states in the USA, including California, Texas, and Florida. In Florida particularly, the city of Wellington enjoys approximately 81% coverage of EarthLink Iinternet. The maximum download speeds available are up to 940 Mbps and the prices are affordable too. 

EarthLink Internet For the Denizens of Wellington, Florida

EarthLink offers DSL and Fiber Internet services in Wellington and adjoining areas. The fiber variant of EarthLink internet offers symmetrical speeds. If you’re an avid gamer or running a home- office, then EarthLink HyperLink Fiber Internet can be a reliable bet. 

To give you a better idea of the Fiber internet packages from EarthLink in Wellington, FL, here are the plans. Be sure to check the availability of these plans where you live, because sometimes EarthLink Internet prices and speeds vary by location. Therefore, the best practice would be to use your ZIP code to confirm what’s available near you.

HyperLink 50

  • Symmetrical 50 Mbps download/upload
  • Enjoy connectivity on up to 3 devices
  • Ideal for browsing, online shopping, HD streaming wco.anime, downloading, and more

HyperLink 100

  • Symmetrical 100 Mbps download/upload
  • Enjoy connectivity on up to 4 devices
  • Ideal for creating data backups on the cloud, streaming HD video, download, gaming, and more

HyperLink 200

  • Symmetrical 200 Mbps download/upload
  • Enjoy connectivity on more than 10 devices
  • Game, stream, telecommute and do everything that you possibly can!

HyperLink 1000

  • Symmetrical 1000 Mbps download/upload
  • Enjoy seamless connectivity on more than 10 devices
  • Ideal for doing everything that you can possibly think of!

Now, what if you don’t require fiber-fast internet speeds? Isn’t there anything more befitting to your modest needs? Well, there is. 

EarthLink internet is available in DSL as well. It’s okay if you’re not after symmetrical upload and download speeds, and your internet consumption is modest. Just pick from these EarthLink DSL Internet speed tiers and pay exactly for what you’re using:

  • HyperLink 12 Mbps
  • HyperLink 15 Mbps
  • HyperLink 18 Mbps
  • HyperLink 24 Mbps
  • HyperLink 25 Mbps
  • HyperLink 30 Mbps
  • HyperLink 75 Mbps

These plans may seem insufficient relative to the fFiber internet, but they’re meant to fit your needs like a glove. Another great thing that residents of Wellington, FL, get to enjoy out of EarthLink is the unlimited data. Data throttles are notorious for getting in the way of your productivity. Thus, to avoid experiencing such unpleasant situations, it’s best that you go for providers that offer unlimited data such as EarthLink. 

It doesn’t matter if you bring home EarthLink HyperLink DSL or Fiber, the fact that there are no data caps makes it the most reliable bet. 

All Things Concluded

EarthLink truly is a good high-speed internet option for the residents of Wellington, Florida. If you’ve recently moved here then now is your chance. Use your Wellington, FL neighborhood ZIP code and find out the available DSL and Fiber Internet speeds from EarthLink. One more thing — – EarthLink offers no teaser rates. That means you pay the introductory price for the length of service; no sudden price hikes. . 

So bring home EarthLink in your Wellington, FL residence today and enjoy high-speed connectivity at affordable prices! 


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