How Does VOIP Work?

what is voip

Everything seems to run on the internet these days, and that is true even for phone calls. Voice over internet protocol uses the internet to transmit audio files and allow you to speak with others just as you would on the telephone.

VOIP can be a beneficial option because the programs using it often also allow you to have a video feed. In addition, it allows you to call pretty much anywhere you want without huge fees.

The Basic Setup

VOIP works much like a traditional phone. You will have a monthly bill you pay for service. You will also have access to a variety of features that are similar to those you have on a telephone.

The way your VOIP service works, though, is much different than a telephone. A traditional telephone uses lines to transmit your voice to the other party, but VOIP sends audio files over the internet.

Both still use hardware. Your telephone will use a telephone and telephone wires. Your VOIP can use a number of devices, including a traditional telephone. Depending on the device you use, you may have a phone adapter or hook directly into the internet.

According to the FCC, for VOIP you must have high-speed internet and a VOIP service. For a regular telephone, you would only need a telephone provider.

Common Questions

You may wonder more about VOIP services and how using this type of calling works. One common question is about long-distance calling. Many providers will allow you to make these calls for free with no extra charges. You may get a special phone number to use for such calls.

You may also ask if you can use VOIP like any other phone service. The answer is that generally yes, you can use it normally to call anyone you want. However, some services that provide VOIP will limit your calling to only other subscribers or people who have the same software due to compatibility issues.

Getting VOIP can be confusing at first, but soon you will see that it is really just one more way to communicate. You should check out your options and see what’s available so that you choose the VOIP service best suited to your needs.

Equipment Needs for VoIP

This depends on what device you are using. A fibre optic broadband connection is the best option for you. You can talk as much as possible as per your requirements. You can also avail this facility if you have ethernet connection which you can get it from some broadband service providers.

But sometimes some VoIP providers need some specific equipment to consume this service. So, if you want to get such facilities, you can contact your providers and ask them to guide how to set up with your system.

But there are some Pros and Cons which you can face while you will avail this service.


Cheaper than any landline cost.

The sound clarity is remarkable.

You can use multiple phone line with it.


Using VoIP your broadband connection can be affected.

Through VoIp you won’t be permitted for all landline numbers.


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