How does the Obstacle Lighting help save your property near the airport?


Obstacle Lighting plays a very important role in saving your property while it is near the airport. We find it out when we met an accident. One of my friends is very rich and he has a farmhouse near the airport. While he was searching for land in the city, he wasn’t able to find enough land which was required for the farmhouse. As he was very rich so, he hires the architects and made the design before buying the land. It was very senseless and his parents also stop him but he wants to buy a dream farmhouse of his choice. So, he won’t listen. Finally, he finds the land near the airport and bought it. After six months, his dream farmhouse was ready.

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His farmhouse becomes very much popular in our college for parties and events. All the friends who can afford prefer to hire his farmhouse for their parties and other get-togethers. One reason for popularity was that the people were able to enjoy the landing and taking off of the plane closely.


The farmhouse was awesome and constructed perfectly. We always enjoy our college parties in there but one night, when our juniors were throwing a farewell party for us a tragedy occurs.

We all were enjoying the party when a friend call a plane is coming. Everyone was very excited. All of them run to the roof including me. We all never see the plane that closes before. The plane was nearer than normal conditions and we were enjoying it rather than running. When it was flying above the farmhouse, we all need to get down immediately and the loud noise of plane engines compels us to cover our ears immediately. We all cover our ears, but it was still unbearable. When it was gone. We thanked God for saving us but our ears were hurting badly. When we run downstairs, we find all the glass windows and doors broken. The loudness and vibration of the plane broke all the glass made things.


My friend got very upset. The next morning, he was at the airport complaining about the incident. The officer was good so, he said he will see if the airport management will fulfill the loss. Further, he told when the property is located very much near to the airport then it is essential to install the Obstacle Lighting for indication. My friend asked, what kind of indication? He told that the lights are very beneficial to indicate the pilot about the presence of your property. Otherwise in the night or the morning, mostly properties seem like ground from the plane and pilots can judge the presence of your property only by the help of obstacle light which is installed 200 meters from the ground.


He immediately buys the lights from a well-reputed company along with the installation services.

After that, the trouble was gone. The lights were good enough for indication. National aircraft warning lights are the best company offering the best Obstacle Lighting in the city along with the installation services. Buy the lights from them if you are searching for durable, long-lasting affordable lights.


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