How Does AC Units Get Cleaned In Air Conditioning Services


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During the operation of air conditioning, the machine collects the dust, dirt and debris from the environment and prevents it from cooling properly further. Whether the client has a split air conditioner or a window air conditioner, it is essential to call a professional technician for their service at regular intervals. This helps to increase the efficiency of the appliance. This ensures a trouble-free performance of the air conditioner. This means that it must be functioning properly.

The air conditioning services help find any problem that can affect the machine’s outdoor or indoor box. After recognizing the problem, the professional technicians help fix each one with a proper solution. Missing out on any of the services can create problems like leakages from the indoor unit, air not cooling, machine making abrupt noises etc.

The client can prevent the air conditioners from such problems by regular servicing maintenance:

1. Cleaning the air filters:

  • The air filters or the fins inside the indoor unit collect numerous amounts of dust and debris during cooling.
  • The dirt gets collected as an ice formation on these filters and does not allow the air to cool.
  • During theair conditioning services, the technician cleans and washes away all the dirt and makes it a complete fit for being used again.
  • Rinsing the condenser fins is also a part of this servicing.
  • Any molds, bacteria, or dust built up on this component can be quite problematic.

2. Cleaning the condenser of the air conditioner:

  • One of the biggest enemies of this appliance is the dust and the dirt.
  • These create many problems like overheating the system, which is not good for the machine.
  • During theair conditioning services, the coils are cleaned by the technician and the other components of the system so that the air can be cooled easily without any obstruction.
  • We have seen that the condenser coils are present inside the outdoor unit in a split air conditioner.

3. Clearing the evaporator fan:

  • Some cleaning devices like pressure spray guns and water spray guns with a brass nozzle can be used for air conditioning services.
  • The professional Technician cleans the dust and dot from the blades of the fan in the condenser and the evaporator.
  • These are also a part of the outdoor unit.

4. Check all the leakage points:

  • At the time of air conditioning services, the professional checks whether any part of the air conditioner is dripping water or have leakages at any part.
  • While servicing the water flowing pipes the tubes within the unit is also checked to avoid any problem.
  • Cleaning the drain is also one of their jobs so that it does not lead to a problem of water leakage in the future.

Final Words

As we all know, air conditioner is an appliance that involves many key components like the compressor, the motor, evaporator unit condenser, fans, thermostat, condenser, etc. These need to be checked at regular intervals to ensure that there are no future problems involved in it. If a client wishes to call for servicing or assistance from the technician for any kind of replacement, they may do so by just giving a quote to a professional company.

The air conditioning services is very important part of your home. It requires some knowledge of the components before working on it. Chances of getting a servicing done for an air conditioner would be before the summer season so that during that particular season, there is immense humidity in the air. The air conditioner will work smoothly without making the client get exhausted sitting inside the house.


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