How do you take a thirst trap photo?


It doesn’t matter where you are in your relationshipit can be difficult to let someone know how you’re feeling  particularly when you’re feeling sexually enthralled. Despite the fact that technology has made it easier for two individuals to talk but sexting can be uncomfortable If it’s not something you’re used to. It takes some effort and lots of communication to be able to have sexual relations. There is currently a pandemicThis means that couples are forced to be together and those who are are facing additional difficulties (like the possibility of having to have physical dates). If sexting is something you’re considering, where exactly do you begin?

What are the steps to begin with sexting?

The short answer is Consent. Consent is vital. Communication is essential. It is a constant process of communicationSociety programmed people to believe that if a woman shows you a shocking naked picture of her, your partner should be gratefulBut consent is a two-way street.

A heads-up message is an excellent way to avoid awkward situations. What happens if you send someone a threatening text when they are showing their LOLaa phone video, ‘di ban? This puts the person in a precarious position and you weren’t averse to let that person view the message you sent. Discuss sexting on a casual basis in the event that you’ve not had a discussion about it prior to. When you’ve established your terms and you’ve established your rules, you can offer the other person a heads-up by telling them something that’s semi-safe, like “Bored ako. What would you do in the event that we had to be together?

Are you not sure how to proceed? Here are some other options to try Sexting:

  1. Think physical. The whole reason that you’re sexting currently is that it’s impossible to be physically with each other and are trying to recreate that experience. You could say something like “I am feeling a bit cold at the moment.” Wish you were there to warm me up,” or “Remember when we had a great time nung the last time we went to the movies in? “I can’t wait to see that happen again.”

  2. Talk about your fantasies. It’s really as simple as asking them what your secret sexual fantasies are. It’s also a method to inform your partner that they’re free to allow their imagination to be free and that you’re open to exploring your partner’s quirks.

  3. Rely on pop-culture. This one’s for those who are truly mahiyain and you’re unable to get yourself to speak what you need (yet) Then you can be referring to a hot scene in a show or movie. It’s likely that you have at least one scene in your mind. You could ask, “Does anyone remember the single episode from …?”?” or Do you want to rewatch together?” LOL It’s possible for them to see where you are going with this.

  4. Or you know, just request a photo. “Send me a image of yourself today.” Since you’ve already agreed to this, the urgency with the need to “see” someone right away could be a major draw for. Now the issue is: If have never taken or sent photos of yourself What can you do to create a perfect picture?

What is the best way to take a thirst trap photo?

If–and only if–you’re comfortable snap an explicit photo and emailing it to someone, it’s all about the lighting and angle. I don’t know if you would mind me stating that I don’t enjoy images where the dick fills three quarters of the frame. This is a missed opportunity. You’re probably aware of your angles at this pointDepending on your goals, you have two options. You can make use of natural light source that is reliable or you can experiment with shadows to entice a partner.

An important reminder:

Technology, as wonderful as it may be, comes with drawbacks. Many users lose their mobiles or get their accounts stolen. Many have experienced having their–and many of the culprits were people they trusted. Consider these scenarios when you talk to your spouse about the boundaries for sexting you’d like to establish. These risky situations could affect the kind of photos you’re comfortable sharing and taking. It’s all about collaborating to make an informed choice.


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