How do you recognize dry skin and take care of it?

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Do you feel like you have “crocodile skin”? It is definitely because you have dry skin. Subject to itching, tightness, and other redness, it loses all its shine. Our advice on how to find out if you have dry skin and, if so, how to treat it the best. Anyone can experience dry skin at some point in their life. Genetics, climate change, pollution, or inadequate care are all causes responsible for dry skin. But how do you know if you really have dry skin or if it’s just a temporary condition? How to choose the right products for this type of skin? So many questions that it is important to answer to take better care of it daily.

How to recognize dry skin?

Dry skin is uncomfortable, tight, itchy skin that is prone to redness and is easily irritated. Its appearance is dull and its grain rather fine with tightened pores. It is rough to the touch and may even show sores or scales if it is extremely dry. The latter serves as a natural protective barrier to the epidermis – the outermost layer of the skin – against external aggressions and helps maintain optimal hydration of the skin. When it is altered, the skin barrier is weakened, its sebum concentration drops and the water evaporates more quickly. The result, the skin dries up.

What daily care for dry skin?

“The natural skin care products and the skin care routine must be gentle. After having rid the dry skin of the face of the impurities accumulated throughout the day, it must be deeply and gently moisturized using a serum and a cream or a balm with strong hydrating power.

Scrubs, masks, peels: use sparingly

Once a week, you can use a hydrating mask, but you avoid the scrub otherwise it will sensitize and irritate the skin further. “We also avoid peels, which can be too abrasive for dry skin. And if you want to use a self-tanner to restore a little tan to the skin, moisturize it sufficiently beforehand so as not to end up with orange “patches” on the face and body.

Complementary care to nourish dry skin from the inside

“I advise my patients whose skin is dry to take borage oil in the form of food supplements. The ideal is to do a cure at the beginning of summer and another in winter. Beautiful skin also goes through the diet, I recommend to privilege foods rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 such as butter, olive oil or salmon, which will play a role in the production of fatty acids of the skin.

And no need to think that we will hydrate dry skin better by drinking a lot of water during the day, it is a received idea! “There is no direct relationship between drinking enough or not and having more or less dry skin. Yes, it is important to drink to renew the water in the body, to make the kidneys work. And eliminate toxins, but the skin will not be more hydrated

How to protect dry skin from external aggressions?

Depending on the season, we will adapt our skincare routine. “In summer, we will prefer a light cream. Conversely, in winter, when the air is cold and dry, we will prefer a rich cream. Overheated or overly air-conditioned places should be avoided because they will tend to dry out the skin. Likewise, the wind and the sun are responsible for its dehydration. Detergents such as cleansers are also very drying and aggressive on the skin. It is, therefore, better to protect your hands with gloves when using them.

How to make up dry skin?

“The hydration of dry skin is a fundamental step before makeup. The whole secret lies in the time that we spend hydrating it. We will, therefore, massage it, for about 5 minutes, with a treatment that will contain fatty substances, hyaluronic acid or glycerin. Only after this step, you can start applying your makeup.  Indeed, the mineral particles present in foundations or powders will tend to absorb water from the skin, causing a “blotter effect”. What if the skin is extremely dry? It is best to avoid applying makeup, especially if it is covered with scales and dry patches.


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