How Do You Find a Plumber You Can Trust? 7 Tips


A leak in the bathroom, a malfunctioning toilet… In such an emergency, finding a trusted professional to resolve a problematic situation is not easy. However, it is important not to dial the first number found in the directory quickly as it will do you more harm than good.

When finding plumber services, make sure that you book a professional who offers the required skills, punctuality, responsiveness, and affordability.

Here are some of the essential tips that you should keep in mind while finding a plumber:

1. Rely on Family Plumber

With the right explanation from you, an honest and reliable plumber can understand the situation or the work to be done. In case of emergency, he will offer you solutions and be available quickly or refer you to one of his colleagues, proving his professionalism. He should be courteous, knowledgeable, and willing to answer all of your questions.

2. Use Word of Mouth

If you do not have a reliable family plumber, finding the best plumber becomes difficult. However, word of mouth remains a safe bet! Contact your neighbors, friends, family to find out if they know a good plumber who has already worked in their house or apartment. One of them will certainly have a phone number or a name to give you.

4. Check Online Reviews

Before contacting a professional, who has been recommended to you, take a few minutes to look at their online reputation. If you do not find any reviews, do not trust the capability of the plumber. Instead, search online for websites of home maintenance companies like Mr. Mahir, where you can find customer reviews of the plumbers. Because it is better to be safe than sorry!!

3. Compare Service Charges

A good plumber is not going to take advantage of your misfortune to inflate the bill. For example, be wary if he offers to change your entire installation when it can be fixed with a simple repairable water leak. If the service prices seem too high to you, do not hesitate to compare the prices with other providers.

In this case, search online for plumber services near me and book Mr. Mahir’s professional efficiently and cost-effectively.

Check the Reviews on Google: You can book a reliable plumber through the Mr. Mahir app. To confirm the dependability of Mr. Mahir’s plumber, you can check reviews of his work and the prices customers paid to him.

Check Out His Website: Checking Mr. Mahir’s website will also help you know about the USPs of this home maintenance company and how booking its plumbing is worth the price.

5. Investigate About the Company

Prevent the chances of scams by avoiding technicians and companies with fraudulent intentions. Booking the services offered by such people can not only cost you money and time but your peace of mind. So, make sure you book plumber and door lock replacement services through a reliable home maintenance company like Mr. Mahir.

6. Check for Guarantees

Poor workmanship or scams do not only happen to others! So, before booking any plumber services, enquire the company about its guarantee and compensation terms. For instance, Mr. Mahir offers seven days guarantee, and their customer support is very responsive to your complaints.

7. Find a Reliable Platform Online

Don’t you have time to look for a plumber for your work? Have you just arrived in a new life and no one can recommend a company you can trust? So, do not hesitate to use sites such as Mr. Mahir for connecting individuals and professionals.


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