How Can You Prevent Seizures?


According to an estimate, 50 million people suffer from epilepsy worldwide. A seizure can occur due to various reasons, and epilepsy is one of them. Epilepsy is a condition in which the person suffers from recurrent seizures due to abnormal electrical conductance in the brain. It can occur due to head injury, stroke or a brain tumour.

Some triggers can cause seizures. It is essential to recognize those triggers and avoid them. If you suffer from seizures often, you must visit the best neurologist in Karachi. In this article, we are going to discuss the tips that can help in preventing seizures.

Prevent brain injury

A brain injury can lead to seizures even after recovering. You must wear helmets while biking, riding or during any other activity. Moreover, you must ensure all the safety checks while driving a car or riding a bike. It is because a traumatic brain injury can lead to epilepsy. Wear proper footwear that prevents falling because it can also lead to brain injuries.

Manage your blood pressure

For preventing stroke, it is essential to keep your blood pressure under control. If you are a hypertensive person, take your medicines on time and do not skip the dose. Since stroke can lead to brain damage that can eventually cause seizures. Since to prevent a stroke, it is necessary to keep your blood pressure under control. Moreover, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle to do that.

Wash your hands before preparing food

A disease called cysticercosis can transmit through improper sanitization, and it can cause seizures. However, it can be prevented by efficient handwashing. Therefore you must wash your hands properly with a soap to prevent cysticercosis and other infections. Furthermore, wash your hands before eating or touching the food.

Get vaccinated

Brain infection like meningitis like lead to seizures. Get yourself, and your family vaccinated on the designated time to prevent infections. Since some of them can lead to seizures. Immunization can help in preventing infection.

Avoid bright lights

Some people who suffer from photosensitive epilepsy get a seizure on exposure to flashy light. It is a kind of epilepsy that is triggered on exposure to bright and flashy lights. People who suffer from seizures must try to avoid exposure to these lights because they can precipitate it.

Get a good night sleep

To keep yourself healthy it is essential to take a proper goodnight sleep. Moreover, when you sleep, your brain relaxes and gets rid off stress. Sleeplessness can affect it, hence leading to seizures. If you are prone to them, you must avoid staying late at night. Sleep for at least seven to eight hours every night to keep yourself healthy and to prevent seizures.


There are different triggers for everyone that cause seizures. Some can even get it due to weather change. Moreover, lack of sleep, stress, pregnancy or alcohol intake can cause seizures.

Recognize the triggers that cause you seizures so that you can avoid them to prevent it. If you are prone to seizures, learn stress management exercises. Do not overburden yourself. Avoid exposure to strong odours and bright and flashy lights. If you suffer from seizures you must visit a top neurologist in Karachi.


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