How Businesses Can Utilize Emerging Trends in Analytics to Enhance Brand Growth


56Research has showcased that increased data accessibility can help to improve the profit margins in any business. For instance, retailers usually rely on data so that they can improve their profit margins.

When a business gains access to data, they should utilize it to understand how the market operates. Companies can also gain a better understanding of what their client base wants. Also, they will be a step ahead of their competitors. Each of these objectives can be achieved when a business gains an in-depth understanding of business analytics.

About Business Analytics

Business analytics is a part of management that usually relies on industry and raw client data to understand how an organization is faring in the market. Also, a business will be in a better position to understand the emerging trends.

First, the data is collected. After that, it is analyzed and processed using different statistical methods, optimization procedures, and operational analysis. The main objective is to gain actionable insights that can help to make some positive changes to a business on a real-time basis.

Business analytics usually relies on data. An organization can access data through both offline and online platforms. When a business has access to large volumes of data, it can be referred to as ‘Big Data.’

‘Big Data’ refers to data that has been found in large quantities. Businesses should rely on numerous data streams so that they can have access to real-time insights and inputs about the needs of the consumers and the market.

The ‘big data’ data set is supposed to exceed one terabyte. It should also include all types of data, including alphabets, numbers, audios, and videos.

Business analytics ensures businesses can gain access to actionable and sensible information. In the process, a company can improve different aspects of their daily operations. A business that has access to big data can easily understand the emerging trends in the market. The ‘big data’ should be analyzed promptly. By doing so, businesses can easily engage their clients while also evading market and operational challenges. Also, companies can easily comply with different industry requirements.

The Role Played by Business Intelligence

Business intelligence refers to a process whereby a company can analyze its data while also understanding its performance. When dealing with business intelligence, a company will be more concerned about how something happened. They can also improve their performance while also avoiding mistakes that can cost them significantly. Additionally, businesses will also be in a better position to learn more about the emerging trends in the market.

The main focus is on internal analysis. As for business analytics, the main focus is on why something has happened. Companies will focus on external factors that may affect the internal performance.

Business and competitive intelligence is regarded as a part of business analytics. By making use of external and internal organizational analysis, businesses can easily gain actionable and valuable insights that may help them grow their brand.

How Business Analytics Can Help Enhance the Growth of a Brand

Business analytics can be beneficial to brands in different ways. Some of the ways through which a company can build a successful brand through business analytics include:

  1. Creating a Content Strategy

Business analytics can help a business gain a better understanding of the type of content desired by the consumers. Such data can come in handy when coming up with content strategies, emerging trends, and content marketing campaigns.

Data analytics helps businesses understand the long-tailed keywords that are often used by consumers. Also, a company can learn more about the types of links the consumers often click when perusing through different types of content. Analytics tools that can be used include Google Analytics. Also, it is possible to find out the number of times the page was viewed.


  1. Creating a Persona and Targeting Audience

A business can easily gain some insights from website visits and social media engagement. Such insights can help a business to identify the type of people that interact with different touch points in the organization. Through business analytics, a company can also create a client persona.

The client persona comes in handy when creating content and also designing websites. Also, a business will be in a position to find the ideal target client base.

How a Key Opinion Leader Can Revolutionize Your Business

When running a business, one of the essential aspects apart from customer satisfaction is attracting and maintaining clients. No matter the type of business you do, whether in products or services- in my experience, growing your brand is a worthy investment. How then do you advocate for your brand’s growth? In case you’re wondering, are key opinion leaders a viable option?

As a Marketing Strategy for You


Key opinion leaders are one of the best strategic marketing options for your business. Do you intend to market your products or services to a particular demographic? Additionally, does the idea of an expert in your business field’s association align with your business goals? Furthermore, do you seek to have a strategy for your business that people can trust?

If your answer to the above is yes, that’s where a key opinion leader works best. Through their significant following and admiration in their respective career line, admiration and recommendations sell fast.

Succeeding with Key Opinion Leaders

Recommendations can’t be stressed enough! How many times have you asked for advice before purchasing a product? The trick is in the answer and the opinion you hold of the person making the recommendation.

For the marketing strategy to work effectively, there exists a favorable and trustworthy relationship between the leader and the audience. The critical bit is the trust-a negative recommendation can have potential customers steer clear from purchasing any of your products or services.

The human aspect is crucial for the success of your business. Your customers need to identify themselves with people whom they can relate with occasionally. There’s more to it. The results are instantaneous. What does this mean for you? You don’t have to waste your marketing resources in a trial and error strategy to identify your target audience.

As if that’s not enough, more sales for you! Even when introducing a new product under your company, you can quickly convert customer leads to sales. But wait, let me tell you something. It is not an uphill task to find such a leader for you. Why do you ask? Most public personalities tend to advocate for a specific line. For instance, some may choose health, fitness, baby-related topics, family, and even finances.

Best of all, did you know one can double up as a social media influencer? With a fabulous online presence, the audience tends to keep up with the day-to-day life of a person. The audience gets to try out the recommendations given, and also pass on the information to others.

NetBase Quid’s Digital Growth

NetBase Quid is a firm, in its own right topping the charts on social and data analytics. How can a KOL enhance the company’s growth further? When a KOL informs his or her audience on the positive interaction with NetBase Quid- growth is inevitable. The recommendation stems from the idea that there is the trust of the audience in question. Think about it. Does the person appreciate how NetBase is building other companies’ brands? Furthermore, can the key opinion leader understand how artificial intelligence is a vital area in running NetBase?

Advocating for that will help steer more sales, ultimately higher profit margins, and increasing the client base. For instance, a person widely known in the tech industry is an excellent choice for marketing. By building more business brand names and accelerating social media posts through data analytics, it reaches more masses.

And that’s just one side of the story. The marketing strategy never stops unless you want to. With a continuous partnership, your brand will grow more. You can never run out of an opinionated and respectable person to build your company’s brand.






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